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Name: Step Aunt Shrink Magic VR 360
Studio: PovLand
Price: $ 12.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:14:32
Size (MB): 3 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 5760 x 2880
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Script / Story: Sahrye is my step-aunt who has come by for a visit unannounced. She starts mindlessly going through a box and pulls out a wand. She asks me what it is and I tell her to be careful. It is a wand that can shrink people to tiny size. It’s a work project. She seems very intrigued and says:

“You should let me shrink you, it might be kind of fun”

I hesitate but she presses the button immediately. Everything goes black, I open my eyes. And I’m tiny on the floor. She slowly walks up to me. Her feet stopping right front of me she wiggles her toes.

“Look how tiny you are! I could easily crush you under my foot!”

She slowly wraps her hand around me
And brings me up to her face. She begins an up close inspection. She says:

“I can’t believe how tiny you are, how does it feel to have my hand wrapped around your tiny body?”

She asks if i like seeing her feet that size. She tells me she knows I check her feet out. I try and deny but she insists. She starts to
Get more comfortable with her handling of me. She begins running her finger along my body. She starts taking about all fun stuff she could do with me at that size. I could be her foot slave or she could stick me between her boobs, etc. I start to protest and she quickly reminds me who is in charge.

“I’m so much bigger than you there’s nothing you can do to stop me. I will do as I please. Don’t pretend you don’t like. I can feel your arousal.

She focuses her touch on my crotch area. She feels me squirming and tightens her grip. She tells me I have no choice but to accept it. She dares me to try and stop her. She laughs at my pathetic struggle. She slowly removes my clothing:

“You’re helpless to stop me, right now I own you. It’s just me and you here”

She starts stroking my cock and giving me kisses. In a power move she decides she wants me to lick her soles. She drags my face across her soles and squeezes me until I stick my tongue out.

Her demeanor becomes increasingly dominating and seductive. She slowly begins to lick me. She Tells me how good I taste. She takes her time to make sure I know how much she is enjoying doing whatever she wants with me. She gives me a slow sensual blowjob, making eye contact

She gives me up close views of her ass, and boobs. She puts me down by her feet and teases crushing me. She teases me telling me she knows I like it no matter how much I pretend to fight it.

She tells me she could eat me if she wanted and teases me as if she will.

Eventually, she tells him she isn’t going to ever let him go and that I belong to her now.
Status: Available