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Name: Sahrye vs Queen Kong
Studio: GiantessZone Clips
Price: $ 14.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:14:43
Size (MB): 2 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 4096 x 2160
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: The video starts The city all of a sudden start shaking first. Then car alarms go off Sahyre has come to take a giant fart on the city.  She steps in crushing cars and going through buildings demonstrating her giant size. 

     She comes to a big building, which is the perfect size for a toilet. She just comments and looks down at the tinies pathetically running from her feet. She rips a hole through the roof and drops her pants down, which slams on top of tinies and cars. She’s been backed up all week and needs to go badly. She turns around and sits on the building to unleash her giant farts. She groans and roars doing it, while the ants watch below. Some military planes try to attack her, thinking she’s vulnerable, but she eats one  She finally finishes and uses cars to wipe her butt. She feels better until the city shakes and she wonders what it is. 

    She hears a gigantic, womanly roar and looks up into the sky. The video cuts to a giga-size Syenite who approaches the tiny city Sahyre is in. Syenite unleashes a giant burp and eats A fighter jet coming to her mouth. Syenite finally found a perfect spot to take a giant Fart. Syenite drops their booty shorts and squats down over the city. Sahyre, not wanting to get farted on, says some mumble magic words and points at Syenite. She manages to shrink Syenite down to her size in the city. Syenite shrinks down and lands on a building unaware. 

     Now the battle between both giants finally begins because THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!! Syenite gets up and they both stare at each other intensely, while the city panics. Syenite grabs a whole building and slams it into Sahyre, knocking her down in the process. Sahyre grabs a couple of cars and eats them to gain some power up. She grabs Syenite and rolls Syenite on some tiny houses. They both get up and grab a building and hit each other with them. This makes them both angry and they start roaring before going at it again. Syenite gets the upper hand and pushes Sahyre all the way to the back of the city. Syenite crouches down to recover and scoops some tiny “toys” to eat. Tiny people are behind Syenite’s giant ass and Syenite looks back and blasts them with a giant fart. 

     Sahyre Gets up and stomps through, crushing cars in the process and Syenite does the same. Sahyre pushes Syenite, which resulted in Syenite’s giant ass hitting the ground. Sahyre gets hungry and sees planes by her mouth. She eats them. She swallows them all and asking for more. Syenite gets up and catches her off guard. She pins Sahyre down and slams a building on her ending the fight. Syenite puts pins giant feet on Sahyre’s stomach and roars loudly to show her dominance that she has won. KONG IS QUEEN!! 

        In thar moment, Syenite’s stomach roars and Syenite remembered what was they were going to do earlier before being shrunk. Syenite walks all mighty and godly to a building, watching pathetically at the tinies run away. Syenite punches a hole through it, drops her pants and sits on it to unleash a giant fart on it. Syenite roars and groans while doing it. After Syenite finishes farting, Syenite looks down at the chaos and damage before telling the tiny, ant civilization that there can be only one giant!! 

Sahrye, Syenite, Giantess, fighting, Booms, Shakes, farting

Status: Available