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Name: Zoey in Fun with tiny neighbors HD Version
Studio: PovLand
Price: $ 10.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:12:50
Size (MB): 582 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD

Zoey comes into my house looking for me until she is standing directly over me - unaware of the tiny man near her feet. She sees the cell phone I used to call her sitting on the floor so she bends over to get it and is startled/amazed to see my tiny frame next to it! She gets down on the floor and inspects me very closely - marveling at my size. She can't believe I got shrunk and wonders if anything can fix it? She can't hear my response me so she carefully picks me up and raises me up to her face. She promises to help me but she's amused at the notion of holding a tiny human in her hand. She inspects me very closely in total fascination and finds herself enjoying such immense power. Soon she finds herself holding me up close to her massive lips as she licks them and talks about how easily should make me her snack. She jokes about liking bite-sized neighbors and enjoys my squeaks of fear. She then dangles me way up above her gaping mouth and threatens to swallow me whole for a while before getting serious again.


She then places me on the floor and sits on a chair, crossing her legs so the sole of her crossed foot hovers over me. She grabs her phone to research what can be done to help a tiny human. She says she isn't finding anything as she flexes her giant sole over me. She smiles as she watches me cower under her painted toes and tells me it's hard to regard me as anything more than a bug now. She suggests I'm tiny enough to live my life between her toes as her tiny slave. Then an evil smirk creeps across her face as she realizes she could just crush me like a bug and have all my stuff. She tells me to gaze at her enormous soft sole and image being stuck to it. After more teasing, she informs me she made her decision and she's going to crush me and take everything I have. She tells me to just accept the fact that I'm going to be stuck to her sole like a crushed ant.


She puts me on the floor (laying on my back) and towers over me like a skyscraper - pushing her painted toes towards me and mocking how tiny I am in comparison. She slowly lifts each of her soles, hovering them over my helpless body and threatening to bring them down at any moment. She watches me between her long toes and laughs as I hold my tiny hands up to keep her giant foot off me. She then presses her foot down on me, gradually increasing her weight as she enjoys my squeaks of pain. She likes grinding down on me and seeing just how much weight I can stand. We maintain eye contact as I peer up between her toes so she can enjoy every moment of my pain. She laughs about how nobody in the neighborhood will know that I ended up with a tiny "John stain" on her bare sole. She can't hear my tiny pleas and tells me to prepare to be crushed under her foot. She then slowly lifts her sole one last time and dangles the ball of her foot above me - again peering down at me between her long toes. She's decided it's time to end me so she slowly brings the ball of her foot down and grinds me out under her toes - checking once to see if I'm still alive before finishing me off (bye tiny John)

Keywords: zoey , pov , feet , vore , vr 360 , 4k
Status: Available