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Name: Zoey's Durable Step Brother
Studio: PovLand
Price: $ 11.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:15:15
Size (MB): 690 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Zoey's stepbrother accidentally shrunk himself but was just in time to use his phone to call his sister for help. He's stuck on the floor, waiting for her to come home.  She laughs as she sees him on the ground and teases him a bit. Then she walks to the drawer with the antidote, but seeing him all helpless on the ground she decides against it. Instead, she takes the potion that makes him much more durable. He notices that it's the wrong potion and decides to make a run for it. Zoey chases after him until she finally catches him. She picks him up and applies the potion, making him practically invulnerable. She teases him that this is a good thing, he can be useful as his sister's toy for a while and she can have fun at his expense.  She then tries out his durability and steps and sits on him. Satisfied she wonders what to do first with him. Zoey pops him in her mouth and plays with him while she thinks about it. She could turn him in jewelry or other things and goes through some options to what she can do with his tiny body. Finally, she knows what to do, and takes him out of her mouth. She teases him and asks if he wants to go down her throat as his sister's snack. He'll come out fine anyway. He objects but that makes her want to do it even more. She tells him not to worry, in a couple of week, she'll grow him back to full size and pops him back in her mouth. After some last swirling around she swallows him whole. She rubs her stomach for a bit and is glad that he called her to help. 
Status: Available