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Name: Mega Wars 4
Studio: GiantessZone Movies
Price: $ 14.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:20:20
Size (MB): 3 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 4096 x 2160
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: First city: As they start stomping on the first city they get attacked by jets. They don’t realize at first and scratch their butts as missiles explode. After half the city is destroyed, they finally see the jets. “Oh no! I’m hit!” teases one of the girls as missiles hit her boobs (but of course, it does nothing to her). “You’re going to have to do better than that boys!”. The girls start swatting them like mosquitoes and sometimes clap their hands together, but it’s too easy. They begin to play a game where they try to take down as many just by flicking one finger. They end most of them this way. They giggle while doing it and jets instantly explode with every flick. They taunt them about how easy they are to destroy. “Oh, I think they’re afraid to come close now!”. They start blowing at the rest. They laugh as they see all the jets retreating. “Bye-bye! Come back anytime you want guys!” Blowing them some kisses. Second City: As they walk towards the second city they accidentally step on some tanks. “Oops! Did we just step on something?” They laugh as they realize they crushed some of their militaries without even trying. “Yeah, we should have thought about that. They always send the army with the air Command. Sorry, we forgot about you guys!”. One of the girls steps on the rest of them intentionally this time. “Oops! I’m so clumsy today!” taunting them. Arrived at 2nd city, Miss Velvets decides to smash it with her breasts. After the city is destroyed more tanks start to show up. They start shooting at her breasts, but it only tickles. “Careful what you wish for guys!” and crushes them with her boobs. Blondzilla wants to join in. “Hey! Leave some for me!” she gets down and smashes more tanks with her breasts too. Third city: As they walk towards the third city more jets are attacking them. Please have the girls walk while jets crash into their legs, stomach, and breasts. They see the jets, but just decide they won’t stop for them. They laugh as some jets can’t get out of the way and crash into different parts of their bodies. You could hear a pilot scream before he crashed into their boobs. At some point, some jets evade by flying close to their hips. Without losing a stride one of the girls just swings her hips wider and jets crash into her. Some unfortunate jets were following a little too close and as the girls suddenly stop it was too late to evade and they crash into their butts. They arrived at the third city and they tear buildings from their foundations. They tilt buildings to the side and let people fall into their mouths eating them. They eat the full city like that. Fourth & Fifth city: The last 2 cities are not necessarily tied together. Maybe about 2-3 feet apart. They’re both defended by more military than usual. The air Command attacks first. The girls say eating the last city wasn’t enough and they’re still hungry. “Those jets could be our dessert!” They start sucking jets in their mouths (super suction). After swallowing many jets, one of the girls lets out a loud burp, and tiny flames come out of her mouth. (If the girl can’t burp for real, she could just fake it by opening her mouth and you can add sound FX later. Please make it sound deep or amplified). After they eat all the jets they’re not sure if they should crush the tanks or the cities. The girls decide to crush the cities first. They sit in both cities at the same time with their butts. They bounce a little and laugh as it causes earthquakes. It scares the army and they start to retreat. “Was that too much for you guys?”. The girls decide they should not let them get away and sit on the fleeing tanks. “Not so fast boys!” They crush the last of them with their butts.
Status: Available