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Name: *Holly's Pizza Flavored Tiny
Studio: The Queendom
Price: $ 8.99
Length (hh:mm:ss):
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Format: MP4
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Goddess Holly just got home, but the tiny She had planned to eat is gone! Her roommate, Goddess Scarlett, is napping on the couch when Holly notices Scarlett’s belly is moving. That's odd... Did Scarlett eat Holly’s tiny? Holly leans in close to listen to Scarlett’s belly, and Scarlett wakes up. “Hey girl, did You eat My tiny?” Holly asks like She already knew the answer. “I don’t even know what a tiny looks like,” Scarlett says. “It’s okay, I won’t be mad, just tell Me,” Holly pushes a bit further, before getting Scarlett to admit the truth. To make it up to Holly, Scarlett offers to order Holly a fresh tiny from the new vore delivery place!

You arrive locked in a takeout dish with Holly and Scarlett looking down at you with hungry eyes. Holly gives you a few licks, “Oh the flavors are amazing on this!” She can't believe how much you taste like pizza!

Scarlett looks at Her roommate with a huge grin. “Do you think I could try it?” Scarlett takes a couple good sniffs and licks before Holly see's the look in Scarlett's eyes and snatches you back! You're meant to fill Holly's belly, Scarlett already has a tiny in Her tummy! Holly doesn’t waste much more time before swallowing the pizza flavored man down! Once eaten Scarlett leans in to listen as you make your way into Holly's stomach. You were a big hit and these man-eating roommates will be ordering more tiny snacks like you soon!
Status: Available