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Name: Keris Tiny Sneaker Slave
Studio: Basic Clips
Price: $ 9.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:10:06
Size (MB): 759 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Scene 1
Keri just came home tired from work. She takes her Converse shoes off which she’s wearing sockless and drops her purse. She’s going out to eat dinner after work, but her shoes smell bad because she didn’t wear socks. Luckily Sahrye gave a tiny man to Keri as a present a year ago. Keri grabs the tiny man who is somewhere in the room doesn’t really matter where.
Scene 2
There are two Converse shoes on the floor which Keri took off recently. The camera is on the floor facing the back of the shoes. Keri Spectrum walks towards the shoes and drops the tiny man into one of the shoes. And says he needs to clean them before she goes out “Sorry for the smell I have been wearing these without socks for ages”. Then there is a POV view of the tiny man inside the shoe which shows the toeprints and overall dirty insoles.
Scene 3
There is also a view from above where you can see the tiny man inside the shoe with Keri standing next to the shoes with her toes also next to the shoes. The tiny man complains so Keri says “I think you forgot how small you are and that I could literally lower my foot inside with you or even eat you if I want. You’re my present and my property now do your job goshh” as she sounds frustrated.
Scene 4
A couple of hours have passed. Keri walks towards the shoes and sees the tiny guy hasn’t cleaned at all she’s angry because she’s already late and now the tiny guy hasn’t even cleaned her shoes yet. Oh well, whatever but then the tiny guy calls Keri a b*tch. “WHAT DID YOU SAY?” “I was gonna take you out but now you’re coming with me I’m sorry.” All of this is filmed from down below as a POV of the tiny man.
Scene 5
This scene is filmed from the back of the shoes where we can see Keri putting her shoes on from the back. She does a bit of heel popping and shoe playing to adjust him.
Scene 6
Then she grabs her purse and walks out the door. She walks out very angrily and walks fast as if she’s in a hurry.
Scene 7
She comes home very tired takes her shoes off and drops her purse. She grabs the shoe he was in and drops him onto her hand. She is still annoyed by him because he is constantly wiggling under her toes. “The tiny guy says she’s arrogant how do you expect me to stay still inside a shoe you b*tch). The scene now switches to POV of the tiny man. Keris eyes grow from the anger and then she licks her lips “that’s it” She opens her mouth with her wet tongue and pushes him in.
Scene 8
Keri swallows him
Status: Available