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Name: Hostile Takeover
Studio: CrushFeetVideos
Price: $ 9.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:10:04
Size (MB): 671 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 2048 x 1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Dahlia Rain, the Tech Giant, has just bought another puny little start-up. Little does she know, the tiny little company she now owns is actually a tiny company; employees the size of bugs, their entire HQ barely matching the height of her high heels Towering over her latest acquisition, she's disappointed to say the least. Dahlia can't believe she spent all that money on something she could step on in a heartbeat. Even if they do great work, how the Hell is she going to manage a company of people no bigger than ants? This is the last thing she wants or needs. She decides the best thing to do is strip their assets and put them out of their misery. This isn't the first company she's had to liquidate. After a few swipes on her phone, Dahlia looks down on her now surplus workforce and lifts her foot, wondering who to dispose of first. Dahlia lowers her giant heel down on a building and several tinies, crushing and grinding them into the floor with relish. Maybe she should lose the shoes and show the little f*ckers some “Mercy”. Mulling it over she kicks off her heels, hovering her nylon feet over the survivors, now running for their lives. Dahlia knows she now has to crush them all. She searches the floor, trampling the little losers trying to escape. She tramples and slow-crushes half a dozen tinies, checking her soles to make sure they're perished. When she's done eradicating them, Dahlia checks her phone and sees her stocks are up. She goes to put her shoes on but spots one last cluster of micro-people by her heel. They could have run away, but instead stuck around by her shoes, wanting to be crushed. She picks them up and eyes them closely, almost admiring them. They're doomed, but at least they faced their demise head-on. Dahlia dispenses the tinies into her high heels, then towers over them, lowering her soles down slowly until... CRUNCH The End
Status: Available