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Name: Attack of the 50ft Boss
Studio: Basic Clips
Price: $ 12.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:23:52
Size (MB): 3 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: PREMISE: This is a Jack and the Beanstalk-themed video, hence why you say “Fee Fi Fo Fum” a
lot and you are angry, shouting, throwing, and stomping on the ground whenever you have the
chance. The plot of this custom is that you are the boss of a company and you have several
employees who have vowed to go on strike against you for your harsh leadership. The video
begins with a close-up shot of some tiny figures just standing around innocently on the floor
(similar to how the “Unaware Breakfast” videos began), but suddenly, your thunderous voice can
be heard as you enter the room (you can show a shot of her entering the room). You are wearing
something comfortable since it is Pajama Day (preferably shorts) and tall white socks (no shoes)
as you say, “Boys I need that report on my desk in the next 30 minutes!”, but when you enter the
room and say this, no one is there and you begin to wonder where the boys could have gone.
While you are looking around the room for them, another up close shot of the tiny men on the
floor is shown, but you unawarely stomp on them and crush them. You stand there for a few
seconds and stomp on the floor as you get angry because nobody is answering you. You
proclaim, “Boys, this is not funny! Come on now, what am I paying you for? To just hang around
the office and relax?? This is unacceptable, I know you boys want to go on strike, but I’m trying
to be a fun boss. Look, I even wore my pajamas in honor of Pajama Day along with my stinky
white socks, since I don’t want you, boys, to be staring at me barefoot”. You pace around the
room slowly crushing more and more tiny men under your feet as start to lose your patience and
you take your socks off after saying, “You know what since nobody is here, I am just gonna take
off my socks and stink up the building cause I don’t care what you boys think, cause once I find
you, you’re all fired!!”.
After looking around the room for a while aimlessly, you go to your desk and you find a little
note left behind for you. You read the note out loud as it says, “Dear Vonka, we have had it with
your arrogance and cruelty. You are the worst boss ever (suddenly you gasp and react in anger)
and we have quit to a much smaller job. P.S Your feet are too big and stink up the office”. After
reading that letter, you are furious and cry for a second from the mean words that they called
you and your feet, so now the camera pans to the floor, and in anger you stomp the ground (still
barefoot) and crush another person, but this time you react with a little pain, like the tiny person
stung you. You say, “OWE!! What the fuck was that? A toy in my office? Hahaha I don’t think so,
but you know what, since the men said that I have big, giant, stinky, maybe I should embrace
that and take it out on you tiny toy!!” as you then stomp the tiny figure in the ground with your
foot. You then even put the tiny toy in your mouth and chew it for a sec, only to realize that the
person is very real! You spit him out and then stomp on him and ask him how he got into your
home and he says Josh built a shrink ray to Downsize (reference to the movie) the men in the
office to find jobs that are more affordable in the Downsized tinyworld. You are in disbelief and
infuriated that these men think that they could leave your company without saying a proper
goodbye and by insulting your feet, but you realize that since they have shrunken themselves to
find work in the new miniature world, you are now an all-powerful giant to them and like a
giant, you say "Fee Fi Fo Fum". You thank the tiny person who let you know where Josh and the
rest of the men have gone, so you kiss him (camera up close) and tell him that he won’t be hurt,
only to then drop him on the ground only to stomp him to end. You say, “Oops, did I lie?
Looks like you now know how it feels to be humiliated and lied to!! Now, I will enact my revenge
as the Giant Boss, so look out Josh and friends, here I come and you better watch out for my big,
giant stinky feet!!”
You go to the town setting (which is supposed to be you entering the Downsized land around you)
and like the giant you are, you laugh maniacally and say "Wow, I am huge, this is unbelievable,
you guys all shrunk yourselves to get away from me, but you didn’t count on me finding you all
, you little peons!! I am like that giant from Jack & the Beanstalk and like that giant, I will declare
Fee Fi Fo Fum, I am going to turn all you tiny men into gum". Homes, the tiny high school, tiny
people, etc are on the ground in the distance as the camera is placed on the floor as you stomp
closer and closer saying things like "Fee Fi Fo Fum, here I come tiny boys" and anything else on
your mind. You will hunt and find them, each one is foot-focused torment for the most part as
you seek to fulfill Josh's fantasy of being dominated by a giant foot. You shout out to Josh and
the other employees from across the land that you "the Big Bad Giant Boss" is coming and that
"maybe we should play a game of hiding and seek and I'll be the angry giant saying Fee Fi Fo Fum
while my giant feet will be the objective to avoid. Let the games begin". The 5 men are now in
this order: Ryan, Eric, Alex, Sina, and Josh (me) who is last to be found.
The boys are scattered around the land playing a good game of hiding and seek, where you will
hunt and find them (5 tiny figures to stomp on and torment, but the 4th one is placed and
scrubbed around in your belly button before being stomped on), but before you do, you stomp
down on the office building telling them that you always hated them and that they’re fired.
Throughout the search process, you acknowledge how giant you and your feet are as well as
saying how cheesy your feet are (really use the word GIANT a lot more as well). As the villagers
in the land and naughty workers hide, you love the idea of you being a giant and you have
humongous feet that can stop and destroy them all, so they think of this as a fun game to evade
and escape your giant feet. Please include as many angles as you can of the ground showing your
unpolished feet, as well as from the ground, but the camera tilted just slightly up where we can
see, some of your whole body (like in the last video, but also more 3rd person perspective shots
rather than all 1st person). They also get placed in the jar, just so you can make them go back to
work for you. For each person that is hiding, they are all in different parts of the room and
please feel free to say anything you want in regards to each of them, like how one of them didn't
turn in his paperwork on time didn't bring the lunch order you asked for, didn't clean the office
very well, didn’t bring you your morning coffee, or how none of them ever offered to massage
your feet, etc. For all of the shots of the searching process, please put the tiny figure as close
as you can to the camera and you walk from the distance and stop towards him saying “Fee Fi Fo
Fum I found another one”.

For one or two shots of the searching process, please put the tiny figure as close as you can to the
camera and you walk from the distance and stop towards him saying “fee fi fo fum I found
another one”. For tiny figure #3, you decide to put your tall white gym socks on again for this
shot as you look for Lorenzo and you unawarely step on him once you do, you then hop on
one foot as you bring the other foot up and make sounds of being in pain, as if you were
poked, only to see that it is Lorenzo. You bring him up to your face, say something negative to
him (just like with the other tiny figures), and torment him with your socked feet however you
like (preferably rubbing him on across the sock, placing him down to stomp on him while
standing up, and then sticking him in your sock as you walk away and laugh in the distance).
Towards the end, you find Josh, pick him up by taunting him and you try to eat him, but since
he is so small, he is slippery and escapes from your giant fist and runs away. You are enraged
and as you chase him down, you trip on something (or someone's tiny trap) and fall on your face
flat and pass out. Once you awaken (camera positioned with your soles facing the camera and
Josh is admiring from the distance like another side of the room), very similar to the ”Gulliver
Travels'', you are on the ground being held down, but soon enough you escape from the ropes
and then stomp over to tiny Josh who is on the other side of the room (camera should be
positioned on the ground in front of tiny Josh as you stomp over in anger to him and stomp on
him, only to grab Josh next and teach him a lesson since he trapped you and was staring at your
feet. Bellowing "Fee Fi Fo Fum" once again as much as you can in front of Josh as you mention
how much trouble he is in for orchestrating the Downsizing, plus you tease him by saying it is
ironic because he was the best employee in the office. You sit down on the ground criss-cross,
and bring your foot as best as you can to your nose and smell it, realizing how gross and
Parmesan cheesy they are. You then grab Josh (tiny figure for this shot) and tell him he’s fired
along with his other employees, as you rub him across your feet violently and tease him, then
butt crush him, and finally stand up stomping on him to end your hunt. You remind him that
had he been more patient with a giant boss, he could have seen the real upside, but instead, “you
just ended up as a greasy smear under my barefoot”. Please acknowledge that “You never knew
being the boss could be this fun, let's do it again sometime soon, Fee Fi Fo Fum" as you walk
away from the shot and end the custom
Status: Available