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Name: Jamie Triple Growth Word Magic
Studio: Growth Dreams
Price: $ 12.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:12:04
Size (MB): 572 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Jamie comes home to find a mysterious envelope on her floor with zero address in sight but she doesn’t think too much of it and opens it up to see what it says but as curious as she was the paper turned out to be blank or so she thought it was but the paper actually held a cursed message saying that whoever’s eyes see this paper will be met with a surprise after they say the word “grow” After looking at the paper for a bit Jamie has to shield her eyes due to the paper letting off a very bright glow that is actually the curse being set on her Her first incident with the curse happens when Jamie comes across something on her phone saying “how to easily grow flowers” Shortly after Jamie begins to feel very weird and stands up as her clothing begins to get tighter on her body. She stares in disbelief as she watches her shirt buttons pop off her shirt and fall to the ground and her shorts button becomes undone Both starts ripping to shreds before her eyes. Her shoes begin to get tighter on her as her growing feet try to push themselves free as her shoes begin to untie themselves as her feet finally break through the front of her shoes. Her toes begin to rip through her socks and up and down her legs what’s left of her clothing falls off of her leaving only her bra and underwear left on and popping off of her shortly after as she looks in disbelief very close to her ceiling Her second incident happens on a night where Jamie is getting ready for a party but she encounters a problem she bought the wrong size heels but instead of taking them back she decides to just keep them saying she hopes to grow into them With the heels still on Jamie then continues to get ready but what she doesn’t realize is that after saying the trigger word again that her feet slowly grew into the right size for the heels she looks down and wonders when did that happen or if she’s imagining things while she wonders what’s going on with her feet her dress slowly begins to rise and the straps on her shoulders begin to tighten a bit but not enough to where she feels them along with it untying itself in the back Now her feet begin to hurt like the heels are too small now Jamie looks down again terrified because she could’ve sworn that they were too big for her feet a bit ago and now they’re too small and continuing to get smaller and tighter until they finally break off Now Jamie begins to feel and see what’s happening to the rest of her body as her nylons begin to rip all over the place and her dress completely untied itself in the back and the straps really start digging into her shoulders getting tighter and tighter on her. The front of the dress starts pulling down exposing her bra her necklace and bracelets break then finally her dress straps finally break off her shoulders and her dress begins to tear until it finally falls to her feet in pieces her nylons continue to tear as Jamie’s toes finally break through the front of them and completely fall off her legs and feet with her bra and underwear fall not too long after as she is pressed up against her ceiling A few days later Jamie wonders why she keeps growing at the awful time and begins to think that maybe that blank paper had something to do with it so she picks it up again and this time the paper reveals the trigger word “Grow?” She says and she immediately begins to feel all tingly again as her body begins to grow and her clothing begins to tighten her shirt starts to rip off and her skirt begins to rise Her shoes begin to untie themselves as her feet begin to push themselves free and her socks rip apart after doing so her falls to her ankles and what’s left of her shirt fall off of her only leaving her in her bra and underwear as she looks down at the paper and says “does saying grow just actually make me grow like this?” But she immediately realizes her mistake and panics but the growing starts up again as her bra and underwear pop off of her body and she goes through her ceiling this time and beyond

Keywords: Jamie Daniels, Growth, Clothes Rip
Status: Available