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Name: Sahrye and the Tiny King
Studio: Basic Clips
Price: $ 12.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:13:18
Size (MB): 2 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description:   (30 seconds of shots of Sahrye walking with boom/quakes) Goddess Sahrye is making her way toward Prince James's Kingdom. The kingdom is not in the shot yet. Her footfalls create epic booms and earthquakes. She pauses on her journey to communicate with Prince James with telepathy. She is genuinely excited to talk to him. (Utilize monologue to explain the telepathy like: I will use my divine powers to tell him I am coming") "Can you hear me?" giggles (Pause) "Hello!! How is my favorite prince doing today? Today is the BIG day! I have been looking ever so forward to visiting your kingdom, Prince James!" Ever since we became engaged I have been so looking forward to sizing you up! (Pause) Oh don't worry! I am sure you will just cute as a button! Have you...ever seen a Goddess in person before James? ...No? *smirks* welll....a Goddess of my caliber tends to make...a BIG...impression. (Pause) Oh just you wait my little one...You will see soon enough. (Ends the communication with a snap of her finger before giggling and smiling confidently) Next scene we can now see the castle in the middle of the open field. Sahrye appears far off in the distance. I would like 1 full minute of her approaching the city with big elongated steps each one producing a slightly bigger boom. 2 POV angle shots of her stepping over top the viewpoint from both her approaching and walking away from camera She will settle by looming high over the castle down below. With her hands on her hips and a confidant smile she addresses the civilization at her feet. "Well then. Are thou all bowing in reverence before me? *She leans forward.* I can see that you are. Tell me... *She strikes a pose laughing her leg forward so that her heel is now right next to the castle from the side. "...Don't you find my size...magnificent? *She begins to the circle the castle* "You all will be my subjects from now on...my devoted worshipers. You will love and adore me...and worship me above all other beings" She stops circling : "Oh tiny James...yes! you! I can see YOU down there! Don't look so surprised little one! The vision of a Goddess is well...its godlike! *giggles* "So then my beloved...*she leans down* "Am I all that you dreamed of? Did the legends of the size and beauty of Goddesses do me justice?" *She stomps her foot confidently not breaking eye contact *"of course they didn't. Nothing could describe my titanic beauty and size could it?" I like when shots go back and forth between a POV shot from down below and side shots of the Giantess looking down as she speaks to them. "From what I can see...waaaayy up here...You look absolutely adorable. The perfect little man deserving of my attention." ... Return to normal viewpoint from before: She shifts her foot causing another quake "Oh my! you fell over my little one!" *she snickers looking away for a moment before looking down at him once again with her hands on her hips* Am I too much for you James? Do the thunderous booms of my footfalls cause the ground to tremble? *Tilts Heel up and stomps it down creating boom* Dont they just bring you to your knees? *She snaps her fingers and a speck size James appears in the palm of her hand. Pov shot ( from her palm) "Oh my goodness!! James...wow...you...are just an iiiitty biiiity little speck in my palm!" *Giggles and winks* "Right where you belong right?" "This must be so overwhelming for you! Would you feel more comfortable being somewhere safe and close to my heart? normal viewpoint: *She plucks james between her fingers and winks at him setting him inside her golden locket. and proceeding to wear it* She holds the rocket in her palm looking it with passionate love for her betrothed inside. "are you comfy in there my little love? Let us return to my realm. your new home. I love you Tiny James" *Blows a kiss to the locket* Slow mo shot of her walking overhead with booms/quakes with outro music 2 more overhead POV shots like before one from the side and one directly overhead.
Status: Available