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Name: To Serve Your Giantess 180 3D VR
Studio: PovLand
Price: $ 14.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:37:00
Size (MB): 4.3 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 720 x 400
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: I wake up in between Syenite's legs, I begin I pleasure her right away because of her asking me to do so. She slowly rouses and commends me while I'm pleasuring her. Calling me a good girl and how I'm on my way to getting back to normal size at this rate. We finish and I begin crawling up I see that her other submissive Sahrye is at her side and she's slowly rousing from her slumber. Syenite speaks "Good morning you two~" she caresses Sahrye's cheek and then looks down to you and pets you, "Did you two sleep well?" You nod and Sahrye says "Yes mistress..." "I just loved having little Jessica down there between my legs. You were such a good girl!" Syenite wiggles happily. "now then it's time to start the day," Syenite gets out of bed and pulls on the leashes of me and the other Sahrye. She walks down and along the hallway, "Now Jessica you're still being punished for that misbehavior yesterday. If you're a good girl today you'll be allowed to go back to normal size, okay?" She has made it to the living room, and sits on the chair, "Sahrye, go make us some breakfast while Jessica and I spend some quality time together!" Sahrye slowly gets up from crawling, "Yes Mistress," you watch the mistress slap her ass on her way to the kitchen. Syenite looks down at me, "Now then, Jessica, it's time to see how much you wanna get back to normal size..." Syenite laughs before showing off a bare foot and patting me on the head with it, "Get. Licking ~" Syenite says while swinging a foot in front of me. I worship Syenite's feet, improv here for a bit. Some fully under foot, some toe kissing, squeezing my breasts between her toes. The other Sahrye walks in, "Mistress breakfast is ready. "Syenite nods, "Good job," Syenite picks you up, "Time to eat little one." Fade out. We're underneath the breakfast table and I am ordered to eat the scraps that fall down. The leash is still on me as I'm given scraps to eat between their toes. Feel free to improv here a bit. Syenite says "I have to go get washed up for the day" and leaves me with Sahrye. She pulls herself away from the table and I'm ordered to worship her ass, "We both know I'm her favorite, you're just a tag along. Besides, we both know that she loves my booty so fucking much." She does some ass tease, after a bit pulling me away, "You know what--," she bites her lip, shoving me between her legs, "Get to work." I masturbate her and when she's done Syenite walks in and rolls her eyes, "Of course." Syenite picks up the leashes tugging at them, "Off we go~" Time skip to after breakfast, Syenite has both leashes in her hand as you look up at Syenite, the other Sahrye is on the floor with you, you're both kissing Syenites' toes, "Mmmm, Jessica I want you kissing the backs of my toes while Sahrye kisses my ass." Syenite slowly stands up and spins around, letting you kiss the bottoms of feet while Sahrye kisses Syenites's ass. Syenite grabs Sahrye by the hair and shove her deeper into ass, "Very good Sahrye" she laughs before pulling the foot away from you, and sitting back down with spread legs "Jessica, go and give Sahrye a good time." I move over to under the other Sahrye's ass and I masturbate her while she's supposedly eating out mistress. Mistress pulls herself off of the other submissive and calls for me to climb up to her using the other submissive. I climb up from her feet and go up her legs. They cheer me on as I make my way up, slowly making my way to the mistress's crotch and she asks me to pleasure the front while she uses Sahrye as a footstool. I do so and Syenite is pleased. After that we get the order for us to clean off Syenite's toes since the Sahrye got them all sticky, we both get to work cleaning Syenite's toes. Syenite tells us that we did a very good job today and that I did am very close to be rewarded with being brought back to normal size. 

Tech Info
- 2650x5120 Top/Bottom 3D VR180  H265 mp4

Due to the requirements of the custom I had to move the camera a lot so I needed to turn on image stabilization but that adds it's own quirks at times which is why I usually do not use it but I had no choice here.  The HD version also suffers by looking a little squished compared to when image stabilization is off.  
Status: Available