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Name: Growth Hiccups
Studio: Growth Dreams
Price: $ 10.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:09:19
Size (MB): 976 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Cali is seen finishing up mixing and messing with her new chemical compound as she receives a phone call. She reaches down to answer her phone a loud voice on the other end. She is taken aback and disgruntled as he says that they are moving to human testing today and she needs to find volunteers asap. "I can't find people that quickly I need more time" the voice ignores her as he says that she has to find people today or her little experiment is done for. The man hangs up leaving her upset and frustrated. She knows she can't find anyone within that time frame as she stared at her chemical compound. She pours some into a cup as she swirls it around. She doesn't want to be the human genie pig as very little research has been collected and she's not sure if it's even safe. After some hyping up and convincing herself that her back is against the wall she takes a chug of the drink. She stumbles backward her back hitting the wall as she braces against it. She groans and moans as she feels her body churn. She claws at her neck as she feels pressure build inside of it. Her face crinkles and her nose wrinkles up as she winces. Finally the pressure releases as she hiccups. ( If every time she hiccups she could hop on her feet, bounce or the camera could lower to give the impression of the hiccups being the source of the growth and her growth happening in segmented spurts.) She sprouts up a couple of inches taller. Her sleeves inching up her arm. Her skirt hugs her body a tad bit tighter. Her feet start to swell over her heels as they struggle to fit inside. Her boobs just forward underneath her shirt as her shirt hugs her tighter. Constraining her. She is in obvious discomfort as she wobbles up. Cali takes a deep breath out as she readjusts to her new height. Plucking at her clothes and readjusted her sleeves and shirt as she hiccups again. This one catches her off guard as her eyes open up wide in fear. "Uh oh," she mutters as she shoots up again. A shirt button pops off around her neck as her boobs begin to pull the buttons apart straining them. Her skirt rides up her legs as it starts to fold upwards. Her sleeves now racing up her arms. Her heels break off under her as she stumbled to the floor. She shoots her arms out trying to balance as she falls back against the wall. Cali mutters to herself that it's stronger than she was expecting. Another hiccup hit her. "NO" she yelps Her cleavage swells forward. Another button flew off. Her bra is painfully tight underneath as she tries to reach under her tight shirt and lose the straps with no luck. Her skirt begins to burst at the seams as her thighs begin peaking out of the hole. Her shirt raised up exposing some midriff as she wobbles around. Her head washing with vertigo. "I'm too big it's way too strong I need to stop." She braces against her table as she holds her breath. Her face struggles as the pressure build. Her groans are heard from behind her closed mouth. Her eyes clasping shut as she struggles. Through her closed mouth, she hiccups again. Her body bounced up. Her top shirt buttons all fall off only leaving the lower half. Her boobs bulge through the gap, her cleavage swelling over the cups as she tries to cover up or contain her growth. Her skirt pops off to the ground revealing her panties as she realizes she is getting closer to the ceiling "I can't stop how do I stop. Please One help me" she yells as she hiccups again. Her hands race up to clutch her throat as she winces. Her shirt buttons all rip off as her shirt is pulled apart by her shoulders tearing in the back. Her head sprouting up closer to the ceiling. Her hands are easily capable of touching the roof as she reaches her hand up. "I can't stop I'm gonna break my *HICCUP* house" Her bra pops off her panties tearing to the floor as she tries to cover herself. Her head hits the ceiling. As she recoiled off of it in pain. "I can't keep growing please stop growing" she pleads against herself. She hiccups again as her growth speeds up her head and knees bending to fit as her neck pressed against the roof. The ceiling tiles starting to lift up. "If I hadn't driven that I wouldn't be here. Why did I have to drink it why do I keep it? *Hiccup* GROWING" she helps at the end as she fall to her knees. Her head rebounds back into the ceiling as she hiccups again leaning on all 4s her back pressing into the ceiling. She shakes as the room shakes with her. She wrinkles her face again as she strains against her body. "No no no no no please no" A small stifled hiccup shoots out of her as she shoots out of the building. Each consecutive hiccup sent her higher into the sky. As she slows down around 100 ft tall
Status: Available