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Name: FEMDOM POV Session with Miss Vivian 4 K 60p
Studio: PovLand
Price: $ 9.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:10:55
Size (MB): 1 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: This is a Femdom pov clip with a lot of low angles but no shrinking in the story.

I set up a wrestling session with Vivian, but When I come in she's wearing something really revealing. (Outfit like the picture I attached). We shake hands before the match, but I can't help looking at her massive cleavage. The match begins. We're locked hand in hand, but she takes me down with a sweep leaving me on my back. She gets on my stomach and pins me down. She shakes her breasts in my face really close up and tells me that you have a special move in-store, one that you're sure I'm going to like. She then lowers her cleavage onto my face, smothering me, so that I can't breathe. She lets up after 15-20 seconds and mocks how I'm blushing. She asks if I give, which I refuse to do. She then smothers me again, lowering her cleavage onto my face. I manage to escape, but the match isn't over yet. I try throwing a few punches, but they're too slow. She punches me in the gut and I go down to my knees. As I'm on my knees, she takes the camera and smothers my face in her ass. She tells me to kiss each cheek and worship her thighs. Then she goes down to her knees and pulls my face into her breasts again. She brings me up every now and again to taunt me and say that she thinks I'm starting to like it a little bit. She teases me a little shaking them in my face before smothering me again. She tells me that that's enough for now and that she wants me to worship her arms now. Close-ups on the sides of her arms and bare shoulders as she tells me to kiss them and admit I'm beaten. Then, she takes my face in her hands and smothers me in her cleavage again, telling me I'm a good slave. One more time, I try to crawl away. I almost make it out, but she grabs me and pulls me back in a bear hug. I get an up-close view of her face and she tells me I'm not going anywhere. The rest of the clip has her smothering me in her cleavage and telling me how I'm going to be her permanent wrestling partner. In the end, she tells me it's time to go to sleep. We're both on our knees and she smothers my face with her breasts as everything goes dark.

Keywords: femdom pov, Vivian, breast smother, ass smother, arm worship, low angle pov
Status: Available