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Name: Unaware Extermination with Jackie Stevens
Studio: Craving Cali
Price: $ 11.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:14:38
Size (MB): 1 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Realtor Jackie Stevens walks in to make a to-do list on this new property she acquired. First up, cleaning this disgusting floor. At least a dozen of your men are scattered all over the floor looking up at this humongous woman! You’ve all frozen in place in total fear! Jackie walks over you all, completely unaware that there’s half inch men running around, when she crushes one of you so easily! She can’t believe this place is so dirty!! Jackie quickly wipes off her shoe and the man goes flying! Time to sweep!

In fact, nothing is clean and Jackie must get ready for this showing!! She hurries along, somehow not stepping on hoards of little men, when—SMASH!! A whole troop got smooshed flat into the ground!! Jackie is still completely unaware as she hurriedly stomps around the property trying to clean as she goes! There’s little men everywhere—on the floors, in the bed, in the carpets—stuck on the bottom of Jackie’s massive platform high heel shoe! Oh my! Jackie finds a place to start her paperwork when—

Jackie spots a YOU on the table!! She’s so perplexed and can’t even believe you’re real!! She peppers you with questions, wondering if there’s more of your species… when she realizes that’s she’s surrounded by thousands of little men around the room! Suddenly, Jackie is disgusted—horrified—that she was stepping on so many tiny men! She just thought they were crumbs or something!! This house isn’t filthy… it’s filled to the brim with tiny men!! Jackie can’t stand the thought and simply goes around stepping on all the men she can find! She’s gone into total exterminator mode!! CRUNCH CRUNCH!! SMASH SMOOSH!

Jackie is trying to sell this house and she can’t do it with all you little men around! Gosh, she’s really going to have to mop the floor now that all these tiny man are squished everywhere!! Jackie finds that you are all pretty hard to smoosh too, so she uses her shoes, knees, hands and butt to give you all the smooshing treatment!! You and all these tiny men are worse than termites!! She’s going to crush all these tiny men—especially YOU! She smashes every single one of you until—Jackie gets the total heebie jeebies and can’t stand seeing any of you anymore, so she runs out to go get a real exterminator! HA!

This clip runs 14.5 minutes long with giantess, giantess POV, unaware giantess, shrinking fetish, size comparison, size fetish, and tiny doll.
Status: Available