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Name: Lydia Podcast Love Growth
Studio: Growth Dreams
Price: $ 14.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:23:48
Size (MB): 2 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 2048 x 1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Scene 1

Lydia is a super famous streamer who’s in her room streaming sitting on an office chair with a mic and wearing headphones, talking to her viewers. POV should be of the webcam.

She is opening packages. She opens one that has sugar cookies in it. She takes out a note that reads “The more love you receive, the bigger and better you will be” She’s flattered by the note and eats the whole cookie.

She then gets thirsty, so she bends over behind her to pick up a water bottle which exposes her butt to the camera. When she sits back down, she acknowledges the chat for all the compliments they are giving her, thanking them and whatnot. She then gets a strange feeling before beginning to grow. She grows to a point where her clothes get tight and her weight now breaks her chair. She grows and grows until she is almost nude and busts through the roof of her apartment.

Scene 2

Lydia is now on the city street, mortified at what’s just happened, covering her breasts and groin. She suspects it’s something to do with the cookie she ate. As she’s thinking out loud, something catches her attention. The camera angle changes to below as she looks down to see a group of people.

She bends down to speak to the camera, saying “What the fuck are you guys doing? Are you guys really worshipping my feet right now? Can’t you see how fucked everything is? Why aren’t you running you fucking freaks?”

Lydia then gets that weird feeling again before growing. Lydia looks at how big her arms and breasts are before going into a state of thinking (like below) with the camera zoomed into her face.

“The more love you receive, the bigger and better you will be,” she says, remembering the note from earlier. She realizes that there is something in that cookie, and it appears that she grows after getting compliments. She makes a reference to her stream, and the feet guys from earlier. To test her theory, she looks around on the city street and quickly finds someone. She gets on her hands and knees to trap them. The camera angle changes to below, the POV of the trapped person looking up at her.

“Hey, you! You must think I’m so sexy huh?” She goes on about her huge size and giant tits while shaking them. She goes on about how pretty she is and how this must be a dream for them. She ends it with “It’s ok, you can say how you feel, I’ll be flattered” before she snaps angrily with “Tell me I’m pretty!” As if POV did compliment her, she thanked them before growing again. She stands back up, telling herself about how she was right, before picking up someone on the street (like below, the bulk of the shot should be her face) and being more direct with them: “Tell me I’m pretty” in an almost rushed voice. She grows again.

She finds someone else, and holds them like below. “Tell me I’m pretty”. She grows.

Lydia is rushing to grow as fast as she can. She finds a bus full of people and holds the bus like below (have her hand closer to her face, the bulk of the shot should be her face). She begins teasing the bus, commenting on how big and sexy she is. She knows that everyone on that bus is scared. She ends her spiel with “So just tell me how pretty I am, and we can be on our way” with a cute smile and calm tone. This causes her to have the biggest growth spurt yet.

Scene 3

Lydia walks up to a building and sees people on a rooftop. The shot changes to a POV from the roof, like below, with her face taking up a lot of the shot.

She comments on how tiny and cute everyone is and continues to go on about how big and sexy she is. She brings her breasts to the rooftop level (so they take up a bulk of the shot in place of where her face was) and begins to shake them. “Now I KNOW you guys have some kind words for me” before she grows some more.

Lydia begins walking through the city and walks by a skyscraper that has her reflection in it (a generic skyscraper with a bunch of windows like below. In the scene, there are 3, each about 50 feet taller than the previous)

She begins checking herself out as she gawks at her own beauty. “Wow, I’m so fucking hot”, she grows taller than the skyscraper she was looking at so she immediately goes to a taller skyscraper nearby. Seeing her reflection again turns her on “I’m so pretty!”. She grows again, now taller than the new skyscraper. She goes to a 3rd taller one, where the camera angle changes to a POV of the skyscraper window on the floor of her face level. (Include a shot like below, showing her whole body) She’s orgasmic at the point, yelling “I’m the most beautiful woman in history” before growing once more. Now taller than every building, she’s upset there isn’t anything reflective that’s big enough for her to look at.

That’s when a helicopter begins flying around Lydia. She sees it and has an idea. “Let’s see if this works”. The POV changes to a news helicopter flying around Lydia, with a typical new overlay (like below) that says “FAMOUS STREAMER LYDIA IS A GIANT”.

Lydia sees the helicopter and grabs it, so the POV is in her hand like below and still has the overlay.

“Hello, people of the world! It’s me! The most gorgeous woman of all time! I’m happy that this has happened to me, I mean who else is more deserving?”, She holds the camera closer to these body parts, “With a face like this, tits like these, and an ass like this? Everyone on Earth should be praising me.” Her tone changes to be sterner. “Now let me hear all of you praise me.” She grows to about quadruple her size, rushing the helicopter in her palm in the process. Still, she’s not satisfied. “Damn, must have been a local station.”

Scene 4

At her new height, she sees a “nearby” arena (relatively at her size) with a football game occurring. “That has to be like what? 100,000-person capacity? She makes her way there.

She gets down on her side like below to address the arena. (Have the camera cut off at her stomach)

“Ladies and gentlemen! I didn’t mean to interrupt your stupid little game, but there are more important things right now” Have her go on about how wonderful she is and how she’s the one that every woman wants to be and every man wants to be with. Have her go on a bit of an egotistical tirade. “Now go ahead, worship your new goddess, shower me in compliments, I know you all want to”.

She begins to grow to the size below, still on all fours.

Scene 5

She begins to crawl around the world, approaching various countries. “Hey, Italy, tell me I’m pretty.” She grows a bit. “Hey Australia, tell me I’m pretty” She grows more. Include shots like this, with her head low and butt high, and laying on her side with her butt towards the camera

She does the same thing for 3 more countries before she grows to the size below.

Her face covers most of the screen, and she looks down at the tiny planet. She relishes in her new power and is extremely full of herself. At the end of her rant, there’s a second of silence, before she looks down on Earth and says in a monotone voice “Worship me.”

She grows at an accelerated speed. Show her outgrowing the solar system, then the Milky Way, then all the galaxies. Have her grow until she’s in a void, a white background. She’s sat in the position below, with a galaxy bubble in front of her.

“Did I really just outgrow the fucking universe?” She’s in shock, and extremely delighted. “I guess God really is a woman huh?” She laughs maniacally. The camera angle changes to below, with a white background and the galaxy bubble. “Hope everyone is ready for another big bang!” She then claps her hands around the bubble.

Status: Available