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Name: Demora pov custom
Studio: PovLand
Price: $ 12.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:17:08
Size (MB): 2 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Demora approaches the camera and starts with something like “Honey, we need to talk”.

The model then begins to explain that she’s had something she needed to tell me for a while but didn’t know what to do until she went snooping and found that not only was I into Giantess and vore but that I had a thing for videos where the girl shrinks the guy and emasculates him and then has him give her all of his money before telling him she has a new man and disposing of him. It turns out, she’s been cheating on me and the icing on the cake is she’s going to give me exactly what I want by shrinking me and putting me out of my misery, that way she won’t have to deal with me begging her to take me back and she gets all of my money. She hands me a document (or tells me to bring up my phone, whatever) to have me sign away all of my money and assets to her and continues to humiliate me about how pathetic I am, how she’s not even making me and I’m just getting rid of myself and how she won't care or miss me when i'm gone and nobody will. Before shrinking me, she teases me a bit at full size about how I am going to be the size of a speck, what it would be like to pass out in her cleavage sweat or be crushed underneath her boobs, sat on, stepped on, and finally swallowed whole. After a bit of teasing, she tells me it’s time and shrinks me down slowly, teasing me the whole time until I am about half an inch tall. (Please use whatever cameras you can to really emphasize the size change.) Once I’m small, she teases me about how she could end me with one toe and humiliates me more about having all my money and then she bends down to pick me up. (If possible try to really make it look like she’s picking me up with two fingers because I’m so small in the POV)

She brings me to her chest first and teases me relentlessly about ending me by crushing me between her boobs or putting me on a counter and dropping her bare breasts down on top of me. She then decides I am not small enough and shrinks me one more time to be the size of an ant. She says she’s decided she’s going to crush me in her cleavage and drops me into her top, (please try and get a POV looking up at the Model from in between her breasts) The model teases me more with the usual things and then asks if I’m ready to be crushed, she proceeds to slowly start to press her breasts together but right before she’s pressed them together completely she stops and releases. She decides she’s thought of a more humiliating way for me to be crushed. She tells me she’s going to swallow me whole and then call her new boy toy over, hoping that I manage to survive long enough in her stomach to hear them fucking afterward. She teases me a lot at her mouth and how pathetic I am and eventually says “Bye loser, oh I never loved you, by the way, I just wanted your money, now I have it all!” and then proceeds to drop me onto her tongue POV. 

Cut to the third person of her repeating the very end of the POV, dropping me onto her tongue. (If you have a REALLY small figurine use that but if not, use nothing and have her pretend I'm just that tiny) 
Status: Available