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Name: Lydia in Office Revenge VR 360 4K
Studio: PovLand
Price: $ 8.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:10:53
Size (MB): 1 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 3840 x 1920
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: SEATED ABOVE

I find myself coming back into consciousness to see my impossibly massive assistant looming in her seat above me.   She is sitting with her leg crossed so the sole of her crossed foot hovers above me.  She smiles when she sees I'm coming around and asks her "boss" if I know what's happening.  She's amused as she watches me get my bearings and realize that is actually her gigantic foot hovering over me.   She informs me that she shrunk me down as payback for my bad treatment of the staff and now I'm just an insect at her feet where I belong.  She kicks off her shoes and then crosses her leg again - hovers her bare sole ominously over my tiny body.  She flexes her giant sole over me and comments on how tiny I look on the floor.  She threatens to bring it down and turn me into mush under the ball of her foot but my screams sound like tiny squeaks to her.  She tells me I'm not a person anymore and I should just stop already.  


I continue to scream but she can't hear me so she scoops me up and holds me up to her face - inspecting her boss-turned-ant very closely.  She holds me up to her ear but laughs off my pleas to be big again.   I am just a bug now - HER bug - and I don't matter anymore.   She then holds me up closer to her mouth and starts licking her massive lips.  She tells me I'm so tiny I could be her snack and just disappear into the darkness of her belly.  I'm no bigger than a pill and she could swallow me whole - so she dangles me way up over her giant mouth and threatens to drop me down.   Again she laughs at my screams for mercy and tells me that food doesn't talk so I should just shut up and accept I'm going to become part of her.  She continues to threaten me with her giant lips/mouth before changing her mind.  She tells me she knows I always perv on all the girl's feet in the office so I should be ended under them.  She says she's going to squish me like the insect I am and tells me to resign to the fact I'll soon be a tiny stain on her soft sole.  


She puts me on the floor (laying on my back) and towers over me like a skyscraper - pushing her painted toes towards me and mocking how tiny I am in comparison.  She slowly lifts each of her soles, hovering them over my helpless body and threatening to bring them down at any moment.  She watches me between her long toes and laughs as I hold my tiny hands up to keep her giant foot off me.  She then presses her foot down on me, gradually increasing her weight as she enjoys my squeaks of pain.  She likes grinding down on me and seeing just how much weight I can stand.  We maintain eye contact as I peer up between her toes so she can enjoy every moment of my pain. She laughs about nobody in the office will ever know that I ended up with a tiny "John stain" on her bare sole.  She can't hear my tiny pleas and tells me to prepare to be ended under her foot.  She then slowly lifts her sole one last time and dangles the ball of her foot above me - again peering down at me between her long toes.  She's decided it's time to end me so she slowly brings the ball of her foot down and grinds me out under her toes - checking once to see if I'm still alive before finishing me off .

Keywords: lydia , pov , shoes , feet , vore

Status: Available