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Name: Attitude Adjustment 2
Studio: PovLand
Price: $ 12.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:20:57
Size (MB): 3 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Cadence Lux is the boss lady who tells him to come in and he enters, she is on the phone as he enters she hangs up and tells him to sit down. He asks what it is that she wanted him for
(Male voice for just beginning of clip until he is shrunk)
    she informs him that he was called in after a number of 'complaints' from other women in the office that he'd behaved inappropriately towards his female colleagues, and that company policy states that he be called in for special 'training' at the discretion and duration of his immediate supervisor. he tries to deny it vehemently, that the other girls in the office have it out for him, but she cuts him off stating she doesn't want to hear anything of it, and that besides these complaints his work had been slipping (it hadn't in reality but that doesn't matter) and tells him that he signed the employee agreement when he came to work here. he soon discovers that the 'special training' involves her shrinking him in size to facilitate proper 're adjustment' of behavior and perspective. and she pulls out a remote and begins to reduce him in size, slowly over the course of a few minutes, he stands up confused and she stands over him berating and belittling him as he shrinks telling him how she's going to enjoy having him during this 'training' that he's basically going to be her little bitch, and her little slave for as long as she chooses. he finally reaches his final size (6 inches). he tries to tell her she's crazy and to grow him back, but she just laughs at him. he tries to run away and she laughs and stomps her foot in his path (does this several times) before she reaches down and snatches him off of the floor (shot of her grabbing the doll figure as it lays on the ground, and slowly lifting him up to her face). she holds him in her grip in front of her telling him that good boys don't run. she summarily strips his clothes off of him as punishment. then sits at her desk. she tells him the first task she has for him is to rub and worship her feet while she does some work. she places him on the floor and removes her shoes and we get a shot of her placing her stocking clad feet over him pressing them on him and demanding he rub, kiss, and lick them. we get this for a bit, until she decides he's not doing quite well enough, so she grabs him, pulling off one stocking she grins as she drops him into the stocking and puts her foot back in (shot from outside with the doll, and a shot from in the stocking as the foot goes in, and then a clear one of the doll pressed against the sole of her foot in the stocking) she keeps him in there for a bit, sitting cross legged flexing and bobbing her foot up and down with him in there. he is kept in there for a while, until she takes him out and tells him his next task, to make her feel good, and scoots back and places him between her thighs up against her crotch under her skirt and squeezes him between her thighs against her panty clad crotch. she squeezes between thighs and moans as she has him pleasure her under her desk. once he finishes this she pulls him out and grinning, brings him in for a kiss and playful lick before she pulls out a pet cage and puts him in there, telling him she's going to have so much fun during his training period... however long that is.

Ignore the Part 2. I had to do that as I realized I already used this Title years ago.
Status: Available