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Name: Helpless Helper
Studio: Craving Cali
Price: $ 10.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:11:55
Size (MB): 875 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Your tiny little self crawls on the floor, watching as Bella Ink sits down and kicks off her giants red heels. Bella quickly notices you!! And wants to squish you like the little bug that you are!! But suddenly stops because she realizes that... you’re a tiny human! You can even speak! She’s never seen anything like this before... she asks you to walk up to her so she can compare you to her pinkie! Bella seems concerned as to why you’re so little. You explain that you invented a pill that made you this small! You’re going to make millions! But wait... you want to go to the hospital because you can’t fix it!!

Looks like Bella doesn’t want to take you to the hospital though... she wants to keep you! She wants to put you in her pocket and carry you around, between doing chores for her like giving her nice little foot massages. Those little hands and BODY can massage those feet. While you’re at it, you can paint Bella’s toes. Oh boy! Bella’s so excited to dress you up and make you a little servant! Oh! You can clean your dirty feet with your tiny little tongue! If you do a good job, she put you in her boob cleavage and carry you around there! She’s your very own Giantess now!!

Bella stands up, and she points out how scared you look!! She shows off her huge boobs and ass, and points out how small you are! She even flicks you... and fly across the floor! Her mean side came out! Kiss up, and do what she says, because she might even find a wife for you, and you two can be tiny together! Bella is excited at the thought of having two little bitches that dedicate their whole lives to her!! Two lifetime slaves! First up, you’ll need to finish Bella’s foot massage and clean the inside of her red heels! With your tongue!

This clip runs 12 minutes long with giantess, giantess POV, shrinking fetish, size comparison, crushing, foot fetish, feet, sole licking, foot smelling, shoe smelling, smelly feet, slave, and high heels.
Status: Available