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Name: Ultimate Ass Worship Experience Part 1 - VR360
Studio: The Queendom
Price: $ 12.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:13:23
Size (MB): 870 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920 x 960
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: You are a very lucky shrunken man who is in for a very interesting ride. After you begged her for the ultimate ass worship and smothering experience, An Li decided to shrink you and bring you along for a weekend long shoot! An Li and her friends are getting together to smother and destroy another lucky slave's face all weekend as part of a marathon shoot and she thought it would be fun to pass you around from Mistress to Mistress as the shoot goes on! That will comes later though. Right now its just you and An Li and she wants to explain what's about to happen to you. You'll be trapped, stuffed deep inside different giantess asses, unable to escape while they can feel you struggle the entire time. She places you on the bed as she gives you a good look at her ass and the thin straps of her lingerie that will help hold you in place. She will be changing a lot during the shoot so you'll eventually experience all different types of panties and clothes trapping you in different asses, but you won't have many opportunities to appreciate your surroundings from the outside so take it all in while you can! An Li jiggles her juicy butt in front of you as she talks more about what things will be like for you. She talks about how fragrant you will be as you soak in all of their different scents and sweat. You will be tucked away in one ass or another for the entire shoot. She places your body between her cheeks as she keeps talking about your fate. You'll stay trapped in one of their divine asses all weekend, no matter what they are doing. While they facesit and smother another slave, while they go outside for a smoke break, whatever they are doing, you will be in your place and ultimately when the shoot is over one of them will get to decide what to do with you permanently! An Li has no idea who will end up taking you home since they are just going to pass you around as they go through the shoot, but whoever has you at the end will ultimately decide your fate. Will you be kept as a shrunken ass slave forever? Will you let go and returned to normal? No one knows, but one thing is certain. Right now you are going to be stuffed deep in An Li's ass and nothing will change that!

When she stuffs you into her ass your view goes black, but you can see a 3rd person view of An Li for a minute as she makes sure you are really secured deep in her ass. She stands up and jumps around to test out how trapped you really are. She warns you to hold on tight, you could fall right into the smother slave's mouth when she's facesitting him! Its in your own best interest to stay buried deep in An Li's ass until she takes you out and gives you to another Mistress...

12 minutes of POV (handheld and between thighs mostly) and just over 1 minute of 3rd person views at the end.
Status: Available