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Name: Saving My Shrunken Fighter Step-Mom
Studio: Fetishland Studios
Price: $ 15.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:15:49
Size (MB): 1 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description:  Jolene Hexx is a fighter step-mom who is ready to go home when she's approached by her rival Nicky (POV). Nicky asks her where she's going. Jolene Hexx replies that she's going home to her loving husband Jake and her loving step-son Ike. Nicky asks her if she's ready to fight her and Jolene says yes but now she wants some rest and see her family. Nicky also asks her if she loves them which she replies she's nothing without them since she wouldn't be here without them. Disgusted Nicky tells her that she's not going anywhere, confused Joleene asks what she means by that when suddenly Nicky pulls out a shrink ray(off screen) and shoots her. Confused Joleene what did she just do when she notices that she's getting smaller. After shrinking and now the size of an ant Joleene demands to returned to normal size or Nicky will be sorry but she refuses. Nicky enjoys watching Joleene squirm plea and demand to be returned. After awhile Nicky traps Joleene in a bottle at her house and continues to watch her struggle. Joleene still pleas and demands to be released and this last awhile. Joleene tells Nicky that her family will come looking for her but Nicky tell her that she stole her phone and told Jake that she's leaving him for someone else. Distraught Jolene responds that she would never do that. Nicky laughs and tells that she will only release her if she quits fight so she can win with no difficulty. Jolene tells her that she doesn't give up. In response Nicky says she will be her new pet and leaves. Jolene demands her to come back but to no avail. Jolene Hexx calls out for help but to no avail. All seemed hopeless for Jolene Hexx until her step-son Ike shows up. She tries to get his attention but he doesn't see her at first but he eventually does. She asks him to get her out of the bottle which he does. Ike asks her what happened and she says she will tell him in a second and she asks him for a cure which he does with the shrink ray he took from Nicky. He shoots her and now she's back to normal size. Extremely grateful Joleene tells him what happened while she's extremely grateful to Ike for saving her life and will reward him when they get home but first she's gonna get payback on Nicky for what she's done. She also asks him how did he find her which then she says it doesn't matter that her beloved step-son saved her. They leave to get payback on Nicky. 

Keywords: shrinking, shrunken, shrunken woman, tiny woman, magic, trapped in a bottle, growth, growing
Status: Available