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Name: Giant StepSister Has To Go
Studio: GiantessZone Clips
Price: $ 12.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:17:08
Size (MB): 2 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 4096 x 2160
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: I got this idea from an old cartoon called Dexter‘s laboratory his stepSister ate a cookie and she turned into a giant and she thought everybody was toys.

Could you please do a video where Anastasia plays a stepSister and she is a giantess in the city and of course, she has To pee?

so the story Is she's 100 ft tall but she thinks the city is a toy town and she thinks the people in it are dolls and she also thinks they’re gummy bears. she plays with the people and cars while talking about how bad she has To pee then she eats lots of them thinking they are gummy bears.

Just like always build a city but don’t destroy it. And maybe there's a spot where there’s water cause I want her to clean a car and give it a car wash.

Where is everyone?’’

‘’Wow, look at this toy city it's huge, and it's all for me to play with.’’

‘’Ohh boy I really have to pee, but I really wanna play with the toy city first.’’

(She picks up a tiny figure pretending it wet itself)
‘’You look at the cute little dolly, haha, hey little dolly, oh did you pee-pee your pants? Well I have to pee myself too haha, don’t worry little dolly I’ll change your pee-pee pants, let's play dress-up’’

(She picks one up and puts it in her nose)

‘’Look how small you are dolly, you're like the size of a booger, haha let’s see if you fit in my nose like a booger, haha, look at me I have a booger up my nose haha’’

‘’I have a booger up my nose, I have a booger up my nose, and I have to pee, haha’’

‘’Oooooh more cute little dollys, what are all the dollys going to do? I know let's play cops and robbers “

(She picks up a guy and a cop car and says:)

‘’Common cops step on the gas, the bad guys getting away”

‘’Ohh the bad guy's cars out of gas, huh? Haha, the cops got you now, that was fun’’

(She picks up another car and washes it in a lake)

‘’Ohh looks like birds have been messy on this car, haha let's give it a car wash, all clean no more dirt on this car haha’’

(She plays with the cars for a while then she stands up)

(She does the pee dance)
"I still have to pee so bad, I can taste it haha, is there a place for me to pee?"

‘’Gotta pee gotta pee gotta pee right now, I’m doing the pee pee dance haha”

(She thinks the people are gummy bears and she eats them. Please show good vore)

“Hey there are gummy bears in this toy city, I love gummy bears, I’m gonna eat some, Yum tasty, I wanna eat more’’

(She picks one up licks her lips and says)

‘’You look delicious, I love gummy bears, can't wait to eat you’’

‘’Hey little gummy bears, guess what? I’m gonna eat you too, haha, are you gonna pee your pants? , haha wouldn’t it be funny if gummy bears did pee their pants? What would it taste like if gummy bears went pee pee? Maybe their pee would taste like juice haha gummy pee-pee juice haha’’

‘’No one is around to tell me no, so I’m going to eat some more gummy bears, then ill go pee’’

She can make up the rest just please have her say everything I’ve written and please have her say pee as many times as possible.
Status: Available