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Name: It Is My Party Now
Studio: Basic Clips
Price: $ 9.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:10:26
Size (MB): 2 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Keri is a working woman, who spends most of her time at work, and she doesn't care about social events and celebrities. One day, she has been busy and exhausted at work and she spent more hours than usual. She returns home, and she finds her roommates preparing for a party. They ask her to join them but she excuses them because she feels lazy and tired, and she wants only to go to bed. At the same time, she asks them to lower the music sound. She goes to her bedroom (Breast transition), throws everything from her hands, she takes off her clothes, and before she gets to rest (walks towards the camera and is covered by her crotch). Keri now has a nice napping. After a few hours, her friends start the party, and they forget her request, Keri wakes up, and she's very upset, so she decides to eliminate them completely. She brings her magic tool to shrink them, she walks towards the party (crotch transitions). Now it is my party, she shrinks them all, She crushes them by her breast smothering, sitting on them, and crushing them with her crotch, and butt.
Status: Available