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Name: Lydia And Keri Giantess Fascination
Studio: Basic Clips
Price: $ 9.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:11:12
Size (MB): 1 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Shrunken woman/SFX/on the nose/direct sequel I was thinking of a direct sequel clip to Giantess Fascination with Lydia and Keri Spectrum: Lydia Nose Revenge! Keri finds herself shrunken to appear even smaller on Lydia's nose than she was when Lydia was a giant. Almost like a "bug problems" style small. Keri wakes up feeling woozy and dizzy. After stating that that's the last time she throws an apology party for turning a friend into a giant monster, she shutters, yawns, and stretches. Then she arches to lean backward and realizes something's wrong: she suddenly asks why does my bed feel so warm and squishy like it's fleshy? She sits up and looks beneath her all around, feeling about on all fours. Is this...is this human flesh? After a quick but booming snort, Keri sharply turns her head to the source, beneath her! Standing up fully erect in a hurry, Keri suddenly realizes no...no way. She slowly turns around to see her friend's giant eyes, currently closed as if sleeping. Keri covers her mouth as she cries out Lydia's huge....she fucking grew again? How? She here the booming sound of a clock and looks over to her right. there's a...giant clock on a giant wall? Wait a minute, Keri gasps as she cries fuck, Lydia didn't grow huge, she shrunk! She's back on her nose again! Keri wonders aloud how, on the middle of her friend's nose, she looks behind her to see the mountain of flesh pointing upward. She looks back into her friend's sleeping eyes. She's got to be on her back, Keri notes to herself. Keri calls out Lydia, Lydia! a few times but to no avail. She's far too small. Dammit, girl, Keri cries out angrily, how the hell am I supposed to get you to wake your ass up? She looks back to the mountain of flesh behind her and heads for it. Fuck it, she says, the tip of the nose is supposed to be the most sensitive, might as well see if I can wake her up there. She falls back to all fours and starts to crawl her way up the nose to the tip. Once she gets there, she looks back down the nose and up at her friend's sleeping eyes. You know, being this small and on her nose IS kind of sexy, Keri wonders allowed briefly. Her hand travels down to her own crotch but then she quickly retracts it as Keri moans softly. No, now's not the time.she's gotta get back to normal. Lydia! Keri calls again. Lydia! Still no good. Fine, Keri growls. She falls to all fours and starts rubbing then gently humping the nose tip. Wake up! Dammit, wake up girl! She moans lustily. She stops herself as she's about to grab her tits. Why is she nude? Keri suddenly demands aloud. Have I been nude this whole time? Furious, she begins to rapidly pat her fleshy ground. Suddenly, Lydia sniffs and moans! They sound giant to Keri. Lydia brushes one of her nostrils with her hand gently. Keri gasps and suddenly tumbles backward. Now she gets a fantastic view of Lydia's magnificent nostrils, which look like the size of gorges to her! Oh fuck, just seeing this makes me horny, Keri says lustily, but she doesn't want to get hurt! She has to get back on top! She pulls herself back on top. After a couple of gigantic-sounding grunts, Keri gasps in shock as Lydia finally opens her gigantic blue eyes. Uh oh! Keri says, she's awake! No, she's not ready yet! Without warning Lydia yawns and sits up slowly to stretch. This causes Keri to slide back down to the end of Lydia's nose tip. Lydia gasps Ah! and is about to scratch her nose when she sees the cause of her discomfort: a tiny person on her nose? Lydia frowns and squints. Keri? Is that Keri? Keri's on my fucking nose again? Lydia suddenly bursts out laughing! Oh, this is too good, it worked as Keri once again struggles to get back on the top. Meanwhile, Keri covered her ears. She tells Lydia to quiet down, her voice is too huge! Lydia covers her mouth to stifle her laugh. What worked? How is she tiny? She remembers being normal-sized for the apology party so she couldn't have shrunk when Lydia shrunk back down to normal size... Lydia smiles wide as she says to remember that wishing rock of yours. Keri groans as her heart and stomach sink and she says yeah....you wished for this didn't you? Lydia giggles as she says yes, she took a chance and mentally wished for this before she crushed the gem. She remembers how Keri told her that while giant women and noses are a huge turn-on for Keri her worst fear is also to be shrunken to extreme sizes. So what better way to pay her back for turning Lydia into a giant monster than to shrink down Keri and teach her a lesson? Keri asks if it was necessary to turn her nude too. Really? Lydia laughs and says oh yeah. You might be a nose kind of girl but I do like titties. Keri demands now what? How does she grow back to normal size? Lydia says that the only way to return to normal is to get on all fours and make out with the nose Keri loves so much. Lydia isn't much of a nose girl herself but she loves the control she now has over Keri. Lydia suddenly frowns and says you better hurry, we don't have all night. Remember, she is a secretary and her boss was working on an important project: a new growth formula that's gonna make history! A growth formula, you don't say? Keri mutters in annoyance as she falls back to all fours. You better hope she doesn't get her hands on that formula or she'd turn Lydia into a monster so big it'll make godzilla blush! She grumbles as she leans forward to kiss. What were Lydia's demands? Nothing! Keri answers suddenly as she starts making out with the fleshy nose in earnest. Lydia says don't worry, I have big plans for you, my little guinea pig, soon you'll be my own big, giant, monster to command...What was that? Keri calls out. Nothing dear, Lydia replies, don't worry, this was the last wish granted by the gem before she crushed it, so it'll all be over when you grow back to normal. Lydia takes a moment to roll her eyes back in enjoyment to moan softly and reach down her own pajama pants. Suddenly there's a familiar bright flash of light and Lydia shuts her eyes tight. She opens them to reveal Keri standing next to her bed. Aaaaand she's still nude, Keri tells her friend. Really? That's what you get for turning me into a giant. Lydia replies. Giantess, Keri corrects her. Whatever, yes she's still a girl. Keri demands that they can put this all behind them now. Lydia agrees and apologizes. Keri says fine and what did she say about work tomorrow? Lydia says that just that they are finishing a growth formula tomorrow and their boss wants her to bring it home safe keeping. She then asks Keri if she wants to grab a coffee tomorrow evening or something. Keri says ok, but no more size-changing shenanigans. Enough is enough. As she walks away. Lydia smiles falsely and says ok, promise while holding up one hand in a swearing position and crossing her fingers with the other hand. As a door slams shut in the distance, Lydia laughs and says aloud as the clip ends: when you drink this stuff you should grow big enough for me to climb on YOUR nose, bitch. My revenge ain't done by a long shot.
Status: Available