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Name: Shrinking Virus Karma
Studio: Basic Clips
Price: $ 12.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:23:43
Size (MB): 3 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 4096 x 2160
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Something strange has been happening lately, Rich people for some reason are shrinking in size while poor people are unaffected. Most have been taken to shelters and the like. But some still wander around or got claimed as pets. so throwing a little bit of class humiliation teasing in this one. The video will start outside with a pov view from the ground as she spots the tiny Rich couple on the ground and she gives chase stomping her feet as they try and run away from her smiling down at them, booming effects with each step. eventually, she successfully snatches them up and puts them in her purse. She returns to her place and begins to talk about how they're going to have so much fun with them as she opens her purse to look at her little captives. Talks about how Rich people are so much more fun like this as pets and toys for me. She takes them out holding them in either hand in tight fists laughing at their useless struggles in her grip. shot of her holding the two dolls in her hands. They protest but she has none of it as they belong to her now and have to accept their proper place beneath an ebony goddess like her. She tells them how it's going to be from now on, they belong to her, her pets, and slaves, they will do exactly as she says, speak when spoken to, and refer to her as a goddess, etc. she dangles them each one by one, putting one in her cleavage while handling the other toying with them in turn. after a bit of this she places them both on the floor and demands they kiss her feet to show her that they know their place (she is still wearing her shoes at this point) and they do so and she mocks and teases them with comments like 'right where Rich fucks like you belong at the feet of an ebony goddess' and similar sounding lines. she then removes her shoes and has them rub, kiss, and lick her feet, pov shot at her feet. She then pins them under her feet enjoying how they squirm under her feet, making a point of pinching their heads between her toes. She also teases the male tiny about how she feels his little cock poking against her foot and makes a point of toying with him with her foot, rubbing his cock with her toe a bit. after feet stuff, she picks them up and stands up and places them down on the couch, and begins to strip to her bra and panties declaring it's time to have some real fun with her new toys. that done she towers above them asking them what they think of their superior ebony goddess. she turns and teases them with her ass before sitting on them. after a bit of enjoying them squirming under her ass, she pulls them out and presses them against her breasts and belly, bringing them up to her face to kiss lick and suck on their heads. after that she uses them as sex toys, placing the man in the front of her panties and the woman in the back having them lick her pussy and ass. She uses them to get off. once done she pulls them out dangling them from her fingers praising them for being good little rich slaves. before fetching out a pet cage to put them in welcoming them to their new lives as her little slaves and toys. smiling down at her new pets.
Status: Available