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Name: Coming down the beanstalk to deal with cheaters
Studio: GiantessZone Clips
Price: $ 14.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:21:50
Size (MB): 988 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: This is a Jack and the Beanstalk-themed video, but with a naughty twist. The plot is that you are the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk, hence why you say “Fee Fi Fo Fum” a lot and you are angry, shouting, throwing, and stomping on the ground whenever you have the chance. This plot of this custom is that you are teaching a school class "How to Survive Giants" with tiny students and some naughty students came into your home while you were asleep and stole some of the test scores, so you are on the alert for these tinies that broke into your home as you search for them. You have just woken up after a long day of previously teaching since you have to teach a class outside of the school because you cannot fit inside of it and upon stomping on the ground of your home (same shot like before with you stomping in slow-mo to start the last custom), you go to your desk or wherever your papers were and find that they are missing. At first you may have thought that you lost it, but then you check your video surveillance on your phone and notice that 5 little thieves snuck into your home and stole them. You are furious after discovering this, so you holler and say you are going to give them all detention (or you can say something else on top of this if you would like). Now entering another room (which is supposed to be you climbing down the beanstalk), you begin stomping around the tiny world on the ground and tell all the tiny villagers and people that you tried to be a nice school teacher, but now they must flee since these students stole from her. After stomping around for a bit and releasing your rage, you notice the tiny high school building (if you have some sort of cardboard Amazon kind of box, that would be perfect) in the distance as the camera is placed on the floor close to the school as you stomp closer and closer saying Fee Fi Fo Fum. You are furious but as you try to calm down, you notice that the tiny school door is locked and you are banging on the door to get back in, but nobody is responding. Someone has locked you out and you are not pleased, but soon enough you smell something puny and weak and recognize that smell as the tiny thieves. You realize that they are not in the school, but rather scattered around the land playing a good game of hiding and seek, where you will hunt and find them (5 tiny figures to stomp on and torment, plus the 3rd one is eaten and then spitting out only to be stomped on and the 4th one is placed and scrubbed around in your belly button before being stomped on), but before you do, you stomp down on the tiny high school telling them that you always hated them and that you quit. The thieves are now Lorenzo, Andre, Justin, Noah, and Josh (me) who is last to be found. Throughout the searching process, you acknowledge how giant you and your feet are as well as saying how cheesy your feet are (really use the word GIANT a lot more as well). As the villagers in the land and naughty students hide (if you want u can have cups or something crushable represent homes that you stomp on during your rampage), you love the idea of you being a giant and you having humongous feet that can stop and destroy them all, so they think of this as a fun game to evade and escape your giant feet. Please include as many angles as you can of the ground showing your unpolished feet, as well as from the ground, but the camera tilted just slightly up where we can see, some of your whole body (like in the last video, but also more 3rd person perspective shots rather than all 1st person). They also get placed in the jar like before. For each person that is hiding with your test scores, just like in the last video, they are all in a different part of the room, and please feel free to say anything you want in regards to each of them, like how each of them failed at understanding some part of the class of "How to Survive Giants", like one of them made bad corn for the giant, didn't brush your hair well, didn't scrub the floors very well, clean out your belly button, or how one of them never clipped your toenails properly or etc. For one or two shots of the searching process, please put the tiny figure as close as you can to the camera and you walk from the distance and stop towards him saying “fee fi fo fum I found another one”. Towards the end, you find Josh, pick him up by taunting him and you try to eat him, but since he is so small, he is slippery and escapes from your giant fist and runs away. You are enraged and as you chase him down, you trip on something (or someone's tiny trap) and fall on your face flat and pass out. Once you awaken (camera positioned with your soles facing the camera and Josh is admiring from the distance like another side of the room), very similar to the ”Gulliver Travels'', you are on the ground being held down, but soon enough you escape from the ropes and then stomp over to tiny Josh who is on the other side of the room (camera should be positioned on the ground in front of tiny Josh as you stomp over in anger to him and stomp on him, only to grab Josh next and teach him a lesson since he trapped you and was staring at your feet. Bellowing "fee fi fo fum" once again as much as you can in front of Josh as you mention how much trouble he is in for orchestrating the raid, plus you tease him by saying it is ironic because you actually got the highest grade on the exam in the class. You sit down on the ground criss-cross, and bring your foot as best as you can to your nose and smell it, realizing how gross and cheesy they are. You then grab Josh (tiny figure for this shot) and tell him to welcome to detention along with his other classmates, as you rub him across your feet violently and tease him, then butt crush him, and finally stand up stomping on him to end your hunt. Before you stomp on him with your foot, please acknowledge that you never knew detention could be this fun, let's do it again sometime soon "Fee Fi Fo Fum".

Keywords: Keri Spectrum, booms, shakes, feet, crush
Status: Available