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Name: Horny Mega Alien Attack
Studio: GiantessZone Movies
Price: $ 15.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:29:09
Size (MB): 5 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 4096 x 2160
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Mega giantess alien appears in the tiny country, horny as can be. She begins by walking around getting acquainted with the country, rubbing herself, and getting more and more turned on. Explains she’s here to fuck and get herself off. She begins stripping and twerking and dancing down to her pasties and thong. 

The military then shows up while she’s twerking. Her ass takes out a few planes, then sucks up many planes, twerks on top of several tanks, and crushes them with her ass, then she uses her tit lasers to destroy more tanks.

She has reached a point where she’s hornier and wants to feel people, she approaches her first city and comes down to their level. She first tries to pick up some people but she crushes them on accident. Then she sees a tiny plastic car fleeing the city and grabs it. Licking the car, kissing it, drooling on it, she gets more and more turned on and slowly places it down her thong towards her crotch. Feeling a sensation, she begins grabbing more and more cars. Going from city to city, grabbing car after car. One at a time, or sometimes grabbing a handful and dropping them into her thong. Horny as can be, she slobbers over some cars and buildings, covering people in her saliva. She places one car down her ass to act as a butt plug. A few cars she places in her stockings “for safekeeping”.

She then sees a civilian plane flying overhead and tells them to jump out, and they jump out and begin falling with their parachutes, then she eats the plane. She notices the people falling and wants to catch them so she stretches open her thong and catches them.

She then lifts up a building and sprinkles the tiny people on her tits and bounces, the micro people go flying, and she does it again and again. Then she eats the rest of the building. 

She grabs another one and sprinkles it above her, many people falling into her hair, on her tits, and on her face. Closeups show how microscopic they are compared to her body. Then she places this building down her crotch. 

Now her crotch is full of cars and a building and many small people. She picks up another building, licks it a few times, and dumps the little people into her hand, she kisses them, many of them stuck on her lips, and accidentally licks them up. The rest she slides into her thong. All the while talking dirty to the little people.

She’s got a bulge of tiny cars people and buildings, she goes and gives one building a blowjob to get herself more in the mood, grabs a few more cars, and crushes them between her boobs.

She’s fully horny and lays down and starts masturbating. While masturbating she grabs cars left and right, placing more and more into her thong as she’s getting off. Then plucks a building and sprinkles the little people over her body. 

Done masturbating, she says she’s going to take them home with her. On her way out she grabs two buildings, one she puts in her ass, and the other she starts licking and sucking on.
Status: Available