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Name: You Did This To Yourself
Studio: Craving Cali
Price: $ 12.00
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:15:33
Size (MB): 1 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: The scenario brought to life in this fantasy is described below:

I have decided to shrink myself to be one inch tall and roam the house which you are aware of but you gave me strict rules about being careful and that you wouldn't take care of or help me if I hurt myself while being small. In fact, you told me that if I got hurt, you'd have no choice but to get rid of me since how would you explain it to a normal hospital or doctor.

You walk into the room and immediately step onto me, unaware. Realizing you stepped on something, you look down and see that is your step son. Shocked, you realize that you've partially squished your step son, so you explain the above to him. You decide that since you remember one of his fantasies was to be swallowed anyway that you could at least let him experience that since he's so crushed he'll die anyway. Be sincere, kind, maternal and loving but also be dominant, bossy and bring up the fact that it will hurt a lot being digested alive too.

Next, step on the camera some, sit on the camera, pick up the camera and suffocate it with your hands and cleavage, kiss (but do it in a humiliating way, saying even your kisses are suffocating and drowning me) and nibble on the camera (not necessarily all of these, just whatever works), all while taunting and teasing him and telling him how good he'll be in your stomach and how this is for the best and how you know that he wants to be swallowed alive by his mom.

Finally, after doing things like that, taunting and the tiny step son the whole time, saying things like "you shouldn't have been so obsessed with being tiny then I wouldn't have to crush and swallow you" and "Things are going to be much better when you are digesting in my stomach." Tease the camera with your mouth a little bit then "swallow" the camera like a minute before the clip ends.

After that, show yourself rubbing your stomach and saying he is going to be in so much pain but this is the way he wanted to go, talk about how you feel him digesting and it feels so nice, then end the clip.

This clip runs 15 minutes long and includes pov, vore, domination, shrinking, taboo, size comparison.
Status: Available