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Name: Demora and her step son HD Version
Studio: PovLand
Price: $ 12.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:17:11
Size (MB): 1 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Oh my god! I finally got an Oculus Quest 2 and those VR 180 videos are amazing! I went on a buying spree buying so many of them. Holy Moley. So basically, I'd like to get a clip of my own and try out some new things with it. I would love to see Demore doing a Giantess step Mother/Son VR 180 POV with the use of my name. No figurines, treat the camera as tiny. Here is the script: 1st third of the clip: Daniel has shrunken himself to give to his mother (the model) as a gift. It's his birthday and he wants to be her new tiny pet. The clip starts with the mother finding her tiny son Daniel. (You can have a note and cheat and put the script on it for the model too). She is shocked and surprised, she loves the gesture that Daniel would do this for her as she loves having tinies to do whatever she wants with but Daniel is just too small. He's only half an inch tall (so start the camera on the floor and she's over him barefoot)! She tells Daniel that this was a nice idea but she isn't going to keep him because if she did, you'd just lose him or he'd just be ended. She tells him she wouldn't want to take care of him either cause he's just too small. As she does this, she hears her son beg her to give him a chance to be useful ( So the model repeats what he said like "What's that? You really want me to be used as a pet?"). She gives him cleavage hugs and kisses so Daniel doesn't feel too bad as she continues to tell him it would never work. As the model thinks it over, she tells him that it is his birthday so she'll make an exception for him and use him after all. She has a great idea too. She knows how much Daniel loves her big tits so she is going to crush him with her breasts! He is so small, it would barely even leave a mark on them anyway! Daniel is terrified and afraid. He screams as loud as he can to her not to do it! He says he can help her in other ways. He'll do anything! (So like before, the model repeats what he said "What's that? You don't want to be crushed by my tits and you'll do anything to stay alive?") 2nd third of the clip: She decides she'll give him a chance to live. She has him try to do various things for her (rubbing her bare feet, putting him in her cleavage as a necklace, massaging her ass, etc. Whatever is feasible, not necessarily all of these.). As he does this, the model comments about how terrible he is at doing this and how he must want to be crushed by her tits by how bad he's doing. After this, the model gets on the ground and brings her cleavage to him to crush him. The final third of the clip: Daniel begs and cries to her not to crush him but she tells him that he said she could do anything to his little body. Just because he is her son doesn't mean she is going to take it easy on him. She slowly teases him in her cleavage, taking his breath away and telling him "not yet" each time until finally, she does it. She smashes him in your cleavage. Last little bit of the clip: (Do a third-person cut still with the VR 180 cam but still close up. Put a teeny tiny amount of something red like ketchup or jelly on the model's breast where he was "crushed". The smaller the amount the better so I'll feel really small.) She grunts in satisfaction as she looks at the pulverized remains of Daniel. The model laughs as she tells him a happy birthday and now she needs to get more tiny people to mess with. I'm not sure what parts of this are feasible for a VR 180 clip but I'm 100 percent open to modifications or ways that could make this easier.

This is the regular HD Version
Status: Available