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Name: Fetish Horror House
Studio: PovLand
Price: $ 10.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:14:04
Size (MB): 2 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: I would like to do a horror movie-like pov where you go to a haunted house that secretly uses your fetishes against you. Scarlett has her makeup on and is in pasties and a thong. She tells the camera that this will be a show like no other. She starts performing asking the camera what its biggest fetishes are. Obviously, mine are boobs, bellybutton, feet, and ass but I really like her sexy tattoos so include them too, please. Once the camera tells her all the fetishes she starts to tease the camera from the chest down, smothering, bouncing, or squeezing the camera in her boobs, bellybutton, and ass. Then she tells the camera to get on the floor and kicks smothers, and squeezes the camera with her toes and feet. She starts laughing creepily as she bends down to look at the camera between her feet. The camera asks what is so funny but she just gives you a creepy smile and just tells you to enjoy the show. All of a sudden she aggressively pins the camera under her feet and tells you to hold still the camera tries to squirm but to no avail as we hear Scarlett put something around the camera's neck and yank it tight. She removes her foot and the camera notices a chain around its neck. The camera asks what the fuck is going on to which Scarlett replies " You're all mine now!". The camera begs to be released but Scarlett again creepily says that the camera has nothing to worry about. With her creepy clown magic, the camera shrinks to a little bit below waist level. Scarlett measures the camera and says "Perfect size." Wouldn't want you to not be ae to FEEL the fun." The camera asks what that means to which Scarlett aggressively grabs the camera and starts slowly but aggressively hitting it with her boobs, belly button, or ass whichever order she wants to. The camera starts to slowly feel his bones and insides break. but Scarlett isn't finished yet. She pushes the camera back and slowly starts shoving her big toe on the camera slowly increasing the pressure until she gouges the camera's eye out with her toe. The camera is in tremendous pain screaming and pleading for its life. Scarlett just laughs and exclaims how excited you should be to still have one good eye for the final act. The camera is gouged and nearly crushed completely pleading for its life. Scarlett gives the camera one last smile as her ass comes down over the camera lens the camera goes to darkness asking what she's doing now, gasping for air and desperately pleading for its life. Then we hear the camera slowly start to get its face/Head crushed in a variety of positions and views from between Scarlett's beautiful ass cheeks. Sitting on the camera, laying on her side, and finally laying on her stomach. I want this process to take a few minutes, at least 2 so we enjoy our final hitting. As Scarlett uses the final crush, she takes a picture of her gory trophy between her beautiful cheeks. If you could please send the pic at the end of the pov with her view/ camera view or a short video of the same thing I would really really like that.
Status: Available