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Name: Stepmoms Unaware Groundhog Day
Studio: UnawareGtsZone
Price: $ 11.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:15:11
Size (MB): 1 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Scene1:
The scene starts as a POV shot looking into the ground as if the protagonist had just been knocked out. He looks up from the ground and realizes he's been shrunk. He wanders around on the carpet for a bit, before his mother opens the door after a long day at work. His mother walks right at him, and "unawarely" plants her shoe right on him, pressing him into the floor. The stepson looks up at his stepmother's feet as she walks away, before going out onto the floor,

The stepson wakes up again and is extremely confused, remembering just got crushed. His stepmom is now sitting on the sofa, doing some heel play with her flip-flops and revealing her arches. The stepson crawls over beneath the couch and watches his stepmom's soles. Eventually the temptation gives in and he crawls into her flipflop, continuing to stare up at her soles. After some time, his mother flattens her foot, crushing her stepson inside her shoe.

The stepson wakes up again, this time his mother's in the snack room making a snack. He crawls over and begins admiring her toes and admiring her feet. Eventually, he moves and looks up at her. His stepmom sees the "bug" beneath her and voices disgust. She then gets "spray" and sprays her stepson. After spraying him some, she menacingly hovers her foot over the bug, before grinding him out for good.

The stepson wakes up again, but this time is stuck on a piece of tape. His mother wanders over him again, planting her sole on top of him and sticking him to her foot. (at this point it can switch to a scene shot rather than a POV shot). His stepmom rests her feet on the table, showing off her stepson plastered to her soles. She does some heel play and presses into her stepson's body with her toes and another heel. Eventually, she feels something odd and peels her stepson off her foot. At this point, she reveals she knew he was here this whole time, and asks how he liked his little "punishment". She admits that she liked it more than she should and that it'll be their little secret, but that she's gonna start having fun with him more. At this point, she asks him if he wants to go out for the rest of the night, takes a piece of chewed gum out of her mouth and plasters it to the bottom of her flipflop, then presses her shrunken stepson right into the glob. She then squishes him firmly into the ground, ensuring he stays, before going out again, ending the scene.

Blondzilla, unaware, feet, flipflops, pov, crush
Status: Available