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Name: Sahrye is taking control of her life
Studio: GiantessZone Movies
Price: $ 12.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:19:55
Size (MB): 2 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Sahrye is in her office, she is doing some work. She is bored of her life, taking control of the company is so hard, she always has to deal with stupid men that comment on her look. She wanted to gain power with regular meanings but the human way is just so boring. It is time for her to get a little bit serious, she does not need to take over just one company, let us start with a city instead. She gets up and snaps her finger, a big flash of light appears and when it is gone, she has vanished.

We now see a view of the city, everything is calm. Suddenly, in the background, we hear booming footsteps and shakes. Every time a footstep can be heard the camera shows a different place in the city to show that everything is under some kind of threat. Then when we have a shot of a street human level a massive boot appears she is walking slowly. Next, we have a shot at the level of her waist where we see her passing between two buildings. Then we have a large shot of the city with her, she turned gigantic. She is towering over her new toys. She realizes that she should have done that first instead of wasting her time at the level of those insects. But now she can finally have fun. First, she starts walking around the city, a good opportunity to get different views of her human point of view, street pov, low angle, boots focus, etc.


In the next part, she starts crushing people under her boots. She grabs a guy who is so terrorized that he can move. She raises him at her level, she teases him a bit. She wonders what will happen to him if she lets him fall from up here the camera looks to the ground. He begs for his life, she tells him that she is just kidding and puts him down gently. She rises up and says "now it is time to run. He tries to run but it is no use, she crushes him with only one step.

She notices that she is attacked by some soldiers with tanks. Their attack is useless, they can not even damage her clothes. She is not mad or excited by their attack, it is more like they are annoying her. She gets down to their level to have a good look at them. She does not crush them, she just toying with them. Pushing some tanks away with her fingers like they were nothing. For her, their resistance does not make sense, she is superior so they should just accept their fate. She realizes that she probably needs to make this city an example for others. She smiles time to get serious, she stands up, snaps her fingers, and disappears again with a flash of light. Everything looks calm but then we hear massive footsteps that make the city tremble.


We now have the view of the city from far away a micro-city and Sahrye is walking in its direction, she is insanely huge. She is towering the city and this time she will destroy everything. She lets the people inside the city realize what is happening and after a few seconds, where the time seems to be suspending, then raise her foot in the air and crush the city, she will take her time to destroy it nicely. When everything is flattened she walks away out of the shot thinking of what she is going to do with the next city.

Status: Available