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Name: The Ball And Chain
Studio: PovLand
Price: $ 13.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:36:54
Size (MB): 5 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: The story follows the "Keri Shrinks Boyfriend for his feet fantasy" video and picks up where it left off. 
Keri is taking a nap and the tiny is chained to her feet. The screen is black, and we listen Keri try to wake up his tiny boyfriend, she say: "wake up honey". When the little one wakes up, at the same time Keri will raise her ankle to make the little man stand. Unfortunately, she will lift her ankle a bit too high for him. So he's going to be hanged for a few seconds. A few seconds later Keri understands that it was too high for him and apologizes. 
They decide to go for a snack, so they go to the table. But the little one is still chained, so he will have to follow her. Keri takes a cookie, takes a seat at the table, and gives a bite to the little man at her feet. 
After eating, she asks him to clean her feet. This done, she will detach him from his chains and ask him to follow her wherever she goes. Keri goes about her business and the little man will follow her. (On camera we see Keri's feet as she walks)
After this walk the little man is out of breath. Keri puts on her flip-flops and offers her to climb into them. (This scene will be realized as in the first chapter. The tiny take place on the back of the flip flop. On the POV we see the heel of Keri's feet). 

After this part the tiny is still in the flip flop but someone is ringing at the door. Keri tells her boyfriend not to be noticed. She is going to open the door, it is Sahrye, a friend of Keri who comes to say hello to her. They talk for a few moments, then Sahrye notices something in Keri's flip flop. She understands he's a little man. Keri then explains the situation to her. 
The little man comes out of his flip flop. They will start to tease him. Well they will ask him to do a foot cleaning. 
Sahrye would like to try the flip flop with the tiny man in there. (In this part she will be dressed lightly.) 
Keri accepts and Sahrye puts on the flip flops. She lifts her heel and invites the little man to climb into the flip flop. Keri said to the little man: "Come on, don't be shy and go up." The tiny man climbs into the flip flop. A walk session in the flip flop with Sahrye begin. (On the POV we see the heel of Sahrye's feet when she walk.)
 After the flip flop session, Sahrye continues to tease the little man.  She likes to have power over this little man, and would love to hurt him under her feet.
Keri steps in because she doesn't want Sahrye to hurt her boyfriend. A fight begins as Sahrye continues to want to crush and hurt the little man. Sahrye manages to Knock Out Keri. Keri collapses next to the little man. 
The little man will try to flee and hide from Sahrye, but in vain. She will catch up with him and then have fun with him, brutalize him, hurt him, try to crush him.  
After this part the little man will defend himself against Sahrye by biting his foot. She will get angry and wants to hurt him right away. 
As she puts pressure on the little man with her foot, Keri begins to wake up. She will save her boyfriend by stopping Sahrye and will succeed in shrinking her. In the end she will crush Sahrye. 
The video can end when Keri comes to take care of her boyfriend.

Keri Spectrum, Sahrye, POV, Feet, Crush
Status: Available