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Name: Small Passions 39
Studio: PovLand
Price: $ 13.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:30:01
Size (MB): 4 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: The scene starts with the model entering, clearly dressed for a night out, talking a bit irritated/disgusted at the audience, about how he (Brian, her boyfriend) has been so odd about the giantess fantasy lately. She mentions how she looked into the fantasy, and that she finds it disgusting, etc (please take liberties). She goes out for a night with her friends. She returns, happy, and “apologizes,” for her earlier insults, and starts to kiss the audience, saying that she loves him (brian) no matter what. As he begins to shrink, she seems to sober up and starts to laugh a bit, saying “it’s working,” and getting excited. She says things like “this is what you wanted, right?” (More liberties, with maniacal giggling/laughing). Once at a height down to her ankles, she grabs me and takes us to the bedroom, where she has “fun plans for us.” In the bedroom, she begins to strip, and have a similar sexual experience as the implied sex scene of Cali Logan’s kissing shrinking reduction video, but if there could be cut scenes from the third person's viewpoint with the doll inside the panties, that would be great. Then proceeds to shrink the doll even more, (using a small copy of the doll). Very sultry: “Well, I have…. Another surprise for you… Brian…” While holding the small doll in her hand, she picks up the phone, calls Andrew, and talks about the fun time she had with him at the bar tonight. She looks at the doll (Brian) and starts to confess about the guy Andrew she’s been cheating on him with, how great he is in bed, how he doesn’t have any odd fantasies, etc. (cuckolding liberties). Ultimately she invites Andrew over, despite Brian’s pleading with her to stop. (If you could make the tiny have some dialogue, that would be great) Next scene POV switches over to Andrew (bull lover) like in the fore-mentioned Small Passions 21 scene. Model is sitting on the couch, holding just one small doll (brian), and starts talking lovingly, sultry with Andrew, making sexual advances, making out, etc. (liberties invited) Starts an implied sex scene similar to small passions 21, with dialogue mainly directed to Andrew, holding Brian in hand, occasionally telling Brian to shut up as he occasionally (sparingly please) pleads to get out, and for them to stop this. If the POV can show as much body/legs as possible, obviously respecting limits, that would be great. The next part is a continuation, she gets fed up with Brian’s pleading, and decides “hey, if you want to have sex with me so bad, let me put you back in, and let you see what a REAL man can do.” Brings the doll down, implied insertion, and resumes implied sex with Andrew. She starts to ride hard, getting really into it now, the dialogue focused on Andrew now, dialogue such as: “yes, fuck me hard, fuck Brian deep inside me” “crush Brian with your cock” or “crush Brian inside me” etc. (also take liberties onward until completion) “I feel so sadistic, I need my ex to give up inside of me just for me to finish now,” laughing sadistically

Lydia, sex toy, cuckold, hand held, ass, cleavage, kissing, shrinking
Status: Available