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Name: Kawaii's Vore Test Subject
Studio: The Queendom
Price: $ 7.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:07:12
Size (MB): 372 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Your hot friend Kawaii has asked you to come over and help her with a small problem she's having. Last night Kawaii's boyfriend told her about his interest in vore and his desire to be shrunk and swallowed alive. He even acquired some shrinking pills that will make his fantasy possible! "Oh, you've heard of that?" Kawaii asks, having noticed your excitement when she mentioned vore. "I guess I called the right person! So what do you think I should do?" she asks. Without taking even a moment to think about what you're saying you suggest that Kawaii shrinks and swallows you first as a test! "You want to be my test subject? That'd be perfect!" This is exactly the kind of advice Kawaii was hoping for. She really likes her boyfriend and she's too worried that he won't survive being swallowed to go through with his fantasy, but she's totally willing to eat you first if you are really volunteering. "Why don't you just take one and let's see what happens," Kawaii says as she holds a shrinking pill out for you.

Everything goes black for a few seconds, but as your vision returns you see Kawaii's beautiful, giant face smiling at you. "You know I'm going to have to swallow you whole though?" Kawaii asks, noticing your excitement at being shrunk. "You're gonna have to survive for as long as you can in my stomach," she says, reminding you that the purpose of this test is to find out what will happen if she eats her boyfriend. Its good that you are excited though, Kawaii wants you to enjoy yourself during the test just like her boyfriend would be. Of course, you aren't actually her boyfriend so you'll have to take care of yourself, but she doesn't mind if you want to jerk off. "But don't blow your wad too soon," she warns you before picking you up and putting you in her mouth. "I can feel what you're doing in my mouth you naughty boy," Kawaii laughs as she feels you trying to rub one out. "You know, if you were my boyfriend I'd totally let you get off in there, but..." *Gulp* "But you're not my boyfriend!" Kawaii says as she swallows you down whole. After swallowing you Kawaii starts to feel you moving around and struggling inside her stomach. "Are you getting digested?" She asks, wondering how you are feeling. Kawaii thinks you want out of her stomach, but for this test to mean anything she knows she has ignore your struggles and leave you trapped in her tummy. Convinced that you're in pain and regretting being eaten, Kawaii decides she doesn't want to eat her boyfriend. Instead she's going to call her boyfriend to come over with a stethoscope so he can listen to you struggling as you're being digested. She hopes that hearing you in her stomach will change his mind about being eaten, but she also knows it may just excite him more. "Then we'll just fuck all night while you're in my stomach digesting!" Kawaii says, smiling at how excited her boyfriend to live out his fantasy while you slowly digest inside her.
Status: Available