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Name: Vonka finally gets her revenge
Studio: CrushFeetVideos
Price: $ 10.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:18:48
Size (MB): 720 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920x1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: The clip would take place in near future, where it is possible to shrink people for their crimes. Vonka would come home from a hard day at the office with a package in her hands. It was a gift of her company, because of her good work. She is really excited, because she has no idea what could be in there. She sits down to open the package and can't believe her eyes as she finds her female boss in there shrunken. But that tiny bug is not just her boss, the two of them have a long story together. They are the same age, went to the same high school and ended up at the same working place. But the now tiny helpless woman was a real bitch. She bullied and humiliated Vonka her whole life. On the job they were rivals first, but Vonka had no chance against her former bully. After a few months the now tiny bitch was her boss and the endless humiliation continued.

That bitch was more beautiful, more intelligent and more athletic as Vonka their whole life. She had absolutely no chance against her. There was for sure no person on the planet, Vonka hated more than her. But it turns out that she was not just a bitch to Vonka She commits a lot of crimes, amongst other things she stole a lot of money from the company. As punishment for her crimes, the government choose the so called shrinking punishment. She was shrunk and gave to a caretaker (or more a owner). Because there was no one who wanted to be her caretaker, the government choose to give her in the custody of her company. They decided it would be a good punishment to give her to the woman, who take over her position: Vonka. The problem with the shrinking punishment is, that it's so long, how your caretaker wanted to be. When your caretaker thinks you learned your lesson, you're free. So if you find yourself in the hands of a caretaker, who hates you.. your fucked. So she ended up in that package. Shrunken and without human rights. Vonka couldn't believe it. The tables have turned.

It would be really important for me to explain that situation at the beginning of the video, because I LOVE the revenge/tables turned scenario. That's the reason why I choose this backround story. Also I'm a big fan, when the giantess is not the reason for the tiny size of the shrunken one. It should be like a coincidence of karma. What I also love on this scenario is that the shrinking is absolutely legal and accepted by government and society, so there's no one who could help her, because the shrunken one is the legal property of the giantess.

The clip should contain a handheld tease at the beginning, where the situation gets explained. A shoe and socked feet/socks sniffing part after that. Then should follow a foot worship part (foot massage, kiss and lick). And at the end I would love, if Vonka would introduce the tiny to her new home: her stinky shoes. After a few last teases she would tape her to her feet, but the tiny is complaining this much, that Vonka decides to find another place for her: between her sweaty buttcheeks.

The whole clip should be filled with teasing based on my description above. Revenge, payback, tables turned.
Status: Available