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Name: Power Struggle 3 - Reduced
Studio: Basic Clips
Price: $ 13.95
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:19:31
Size (MB): 1 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 2048 x 1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Mia and Kerri bump into each other and get pissed causing them to set up a wrestling match for a later date.

After Kerri trash-talks her, Mia smiles then, with one hand, grabs Kerri by the throat pushing her against the wall, and seductively whispers in her ear “My ass will be the last thing you ever see bitch” before slowly licking Kerri up the full length of her cheek once. Mia afterward says “Mmm, you taste good”. Mia then turns around and smacks her ass hard a couple of times before leaving.

The day of the match, Kerri shows up on the mat and Mia is nowhere to be found. Thinking Mia chickened out, Kerri laughs.

Then there is a loud booming sound and an echoing laugh as the ground shakes under Kerri before she falls. Kerri looks up and sees Mia’s giant eye looking down at her on the mat which is on a bench or chair now shrunk like Kerri.

Mia gets her face close to Kerri and says her tongue could pin her before she sticks her tongue out and wiggles it at Kerri as Kerri screams and falls over.

Mia licks her lips slowly and says “Mmm, I’m going to enjoy this” ., Mia then sticks her tongue out to pin Kerri. Kerri freaks at Mia’s giant tongue coming down towards her but she dodges it as it touches the mat shaking the ground and booming sound.

Mia laughs at Kerri’s attempts at dodging her tongue again and again trying again and missing toying with Kerri's booming sound and shaking again.

Mia fucks more with Kerri by using her pointer finger to crush her a few times booming and shaking as her finger touches the mat and misses as Kerri dodges it while screaming for help as Mia laughs at her.

Mia then sticks her tongue out and pins Kerri with the tip of it on the mat.

Kerri tries pushing Mia’s giant tongue off of her before she eventually kicks out of the pin. Then Mia pulls her tongue back into her mouth with Kerri on it. As Kerri complains and screams inside Mia’s mouth, Mia says how good she tastes and bangs her against her cheek with her tongue.

Mia says “Maybe I should swallow you.”. Kerri begs her not to from inside Mia’s mouth as Mia laughs. Mia moans with Kerri in her mouth as she thinks about Kerri going down her throat.

Mia spits Kerri back onto the mat entire body drenched in saliva on the chair/bench

Kerri bitches at Mia saying she’s going to kick her ass as Mia makes fun of her size. After hearing Kerri say that, Mia turns to a pissed-off look.

Mia says to Kerri pissed off like “Listen bitch!!!”. Then in a regular tone, Mia says “I told you before, the last thing you’ll see is my ass” before smiling at Kerri.

Mia says to Kerri evilly “It’s butt time bitch”
Mia stands up and turns around showing her giant ass to Kerri in a very small thong.

Mia smacks her ass a few times, echoing and booming. Mia slowly twerks her giant ass at Kerri getting closer and closer to her. Then, slowly goes to sit. Kerri says scared and sad “Oh fuck”.

Mia slowly sits on Kerri, crushing her under her ass. Kerri desperately attempts to hold Mia’s giant ass cheek up from underneath while hearing Mia laugh at her attempt before getting weaker from the weight and struggling before being pinned by it.

After losing the match, Kerri crawls out from under Mia’s giant ass cheek. Kerri looks in fear at its size before getting angry and punching and kicking it.

Mia turns her head and shrinks Kerri to the size of a spec and says “mmm, a snack” before picking Kerri up. Mia slowly licks her lips as Kerri begs. Mia then sticks her tongue out and places Kerri on the tip of it before pulling it back into her mouth and swallowing her.

Kerri then appears spec-sized behind Mia’s ass again. Mia sees her again and picks her up. Mia says “if I can’t eat you, then you’ll live in my thongs”. Mia then drops Kerri in the back of her thong.

Mia stands up and moans while slowly rubbing and massaging her ass as Kerri begs her to stop. Then Mia says “And so you don’t escape” before pulling her thong deep into her ass.

Mia then slowly walks away ass view as she walks with booming sounds and shaking) as Kerri screams for help from Mia’s thong.

Status: Available