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Name: Booty Playtime 3
Studio: Basic Clips
Price: $ 12.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:12:32
Size (MB): 2 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 4096 x 2160
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: This custom is inspired by a scene from the movie Toy Story 2 (Which is why the dolls that I will narrate come to life but you don't know it). You are an innocent acting woman who is about to go to college and wants to take her favorite toy, her best friend, before leaving you are playing with your toys (approximately 5 cm dolls if you have them). While playing (perhaps as if they were fighting something like that, remember you are like a Woman) you pretend your favorite doll is broken, and you get very sad. You realize that you can't take it with you to college so you put it on a little table (the other toys can be left on the ground) and you leave sad. Your favorite toy is very sad that you didn't take it with you because it broke (You can zoom in on the short toy), Then he falls asleep (Remember they come alive when you're not there). And he has a nightmare, and in the nightmare, he wakes up but with a small detail. He and the other toys are now almost like insects, they are tiny! Now the Woman, her owner, is a giant monster! , she comes to the room very happy because she has returned from college and missed her best friend (who is at the table) a lot, you lean your butt close to him, and you tell him: you shrunk!!! how did this happen to you? Oh and on top of that, you're broken! It's true! Now I don't want to see you anymore! you wake himup and stop pretending that he has no life, and you let him know that you are not his friend anymore, you are the monster of his nightmares and your ass is going to be all he knows because every time it is going to shrink more. then he comes to life and starts beating your butt. You drop it on the floor because it hurts and you lose sight of it, you get in 4 on the floor and you start looking for it and you say things to it. while looking for it you find your other toys also super tiny and come to life that wants to face you), you terrify everyone with your ass
Status: Available