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Name: Kerri Taylor in Boyfriend Beat Down
Studio: Basic Clips
Price: $ 8.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:07:25
Size (MB): 223 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920x1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Custom Request:
I approach Kerri and she excitedly tells me that she has something really cool to show me. She shrinks me in stages. First to her breasts, waist, and then to about her knees.
Kerri should feel free to improvise taunts and also move around a little instead of standing in one spot. When at waist height, the view should lower every so often or so to focus on her legs. When at knee height, the camera should be focused on her legs but also angle up to show her face every so often. Once at her knees, this continues before transitioning to next part I attempt to turn around and flee from Kerri, but she easily catches up to me and blocks my escape. This process repeats for about a minute. She then starts kicking me and kneeing me. The camera should be focused on her legs once again but should angle upwards every 10 seconds to show her face. Also, she and the viewer should be moving around a little. After Kerri then invites me to try and knock her over. I run back and forth towards her legs, vainly attempting to knock her over. She mocks my futile efforts. First i try pushing her from the front and then again from the side. I start to back away, but Kerri advances towards me and easily catches up to me. She challenges me to a three round wrestling match, first to pin the other to the ground, wins (20 secs per round). Though i fight valiantly, she easily pins me to the ground each of the three rounds. I get back up and I desperately try to punch her legs for about 20 seconds as she laughs at my futile efforts. Kerri then resumes kicking me and kneeing me for about 1 min. Every 10 seconds, Kerri gives me a big kick that knocks me over. She laughs and mocks me as i get up. In the last 10 seconds she says "well this has been fun but now comes the end of your trivial existence". She kicks me down to the ground and her foot descends upon my face as the screen fades to black".
Status: Available