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Name: Stephie in Prisoner Ass Fart Revenge 2
Studio: Basic Clips
Price: $ 13.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:21:29
Size (MB): 973 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: ust a woman who's working at the office or something) She's so happy: Finally her tiny ass slave arrived! I will describe the background story about the tiny ass slave first. The following don't have to be in the clip exactly, it's just that you know it, to have a basis for the teasing in the clip. If you have an idea to somehow put it in, feel free to do :) The world is overpopulated and the prisons are overcrowded. So as a few years ago a technology to shrink people was invented, the government decided to use it to shrink bad criminals. So it was able for them to reduce the costs for prisons and even make money with the criminals. Because what followed was that the shrunken ones were sold as slaves. So the criminals would see on the one hand what it is like to be the weaker one as punishment and on the other hand they could give something back to society and make up for their sins. A industry of shrunken criminals emerged and they ended up being sold in different sizes and for different purposes. Also as ass slave's. Probably the most humiliating task of all. The criminals are shrunk to an inch here (one of these tiny figurines) and they're only tasked is keeping the owner's ass clean. Tasks are for example: Ass crack cleaner Ass sweat remover Fart absorber The model has extreme problems with her ass. Her ass crack sweats a lot and her farts smell fatal. So she's been dreaming of an ass slave for years. The problem is, ass slave's are very rare. In general, it is very difficult to get a shrunken slave, as these are always sold out immediately and are mostly only sold regionally. So you have to be lucky enough that someone in your region builds so much bad rep that he/she actually receives the shrinking punishment and is also sold as an ass slave. And even then, it takes a lot of luck to be selected. But the model made it! After many years of waiting, she finally has her ass slave and is the happiest person in the world right now. So the model enters the room with the package and is overjoyed. She can't wait to finally try out her ass slave and leave the days full of sweat in her ass crack and with foul smelling farts behind. She sits down on the sofa and eagerly opens the package where she finds a tiny woman. Her personal ass slave. She excitedly inspects the shrunken criminal. She can't believe her eyes as she suddenly recognizes the shrunken person: "SARAH?! IS THAT YOU?!" (Just gave her a name to make it more realistic and show that the model knows her. You can give her every other female name as well if you want.) It's Sarah, the models biggest rival ever! Many years ago they were best friends, but at some point, Sarah turned into an evil bitch. The friendship ended and a big rivalry began, but Sarah was always the better one of the two. Better grades in school, better job, better men. Sarah just was better in everything you can think of and she loved to remember the model to that fact every time they see each other. There's just no person on this planet who the model hates more and she is the happiest woman in the world as she recognizes that bitch! It turns out that Sarah was reckless driving and stealing a lot and was shrunken to be an ass slave after she hit law too often. What an incredible coincidence that she landed in the hands of her biggest rival. The girl she always suppressed, diminished and humiliated. The model's puzzled face turns into a big grin: PAYBACK TIME! First the model would tease her in a handheld tease in which the scenario above and the relationship between those two could get explained. She could chat about old times and could tell her ex best friend how her life will change from now on. The model is more than happy and would tease with a lot of irony, sarcasm and malicious joy. At some point she could read the manual of the ass slave, which is in or on the package and would tease her with all the things she has to do from now on. That could be the things I mentioned above like: Ass crack cleaner Ass sweat remover Fart absorber And any other ass related thing you can think of. Maybe you have a few ideas what would fit as well? :) After the handheld tease she would strip down to underwear (at least her legs, if you want her upper body too) and would say that they wasted enough time talking already. It's time for Sarah to do her job. The model should wear a thong and would put the tiny figurine between her ass cheeks to work. And so the tiny woman would disappear behind the model's thong in her ass crack. Now you see the model chilling on the sofa, while her rival is stuck in her ass. She would tease her the whole time. She could say things like that Sarah shall squirm around in there to clean the sweat away and that she better get used to it, because that's her life forever now. Another cool thing would be that she asks her how's the smell in there with a big grin. You can let your creativity run wild here. :) While the model is chilling in the sofa and is teasing, you can see her in different positions, like sitting on her butt with crossed legs or sitting on her hip so that you can see her ass. To make the whole clip a bit more varied you can come with more ideas. Maybe she could take her out at some point, just to tease her and put her in again. After a while the model would feel gassy and would laugh as she tells her always superior ex best friend, that her hardest job will begin now. She ate Mexican food and feels quite gassy. And as you know: She has smelly farts! Then the farting would begin (obviously it don't have to be real farts, but it would be cool if they would sound realistic.) She would fart a few times, while Sarah is working between her ass cheeks. She would laugh so much about her misery. Absorbing her farts... What a disgusting task. This is revenge for all these years! The model would recognize, that she still can smell her farts and is very disappointed in her ass slave. She would say that she is doing no good job and have to give more passion into this. She would tell her that she have to take deeeeep breaths to absorb these farts. Of course she would always laugh while teasing her rival, because she knows how disgusting and humiliating this situation must be for Sarah. After the farting she would take her out and a last handheld tease would begin, where she would tell her that she will go to the city with the girls now and that she can't wait to tell her friends about all of this. The model's friends know and hate Sarah as well, because they were bullied by her in past and they will definitely LOVE to have an ass slave on work or at the gym as well. Sharing is caring! Suddenly the model would recognize a disgusting smell and would take a whiff on her former tormentor. She would recognize that it is Sarah, who smells like her ass now and would grimace in disgust. She would laugh about that fact and after a last few teases she would put her back between her ass cheeks, would take on her clothes again and would head off to meet the girls. The clip would end with the model leaving the room with a triumphantly grin. Information: You can use "Shrunken Prisoner Ass and Fart Revenge" with Lydia as the perfect template. I mentioned a few models above, who I would love to see in the clip, but you can take every model, who you think would fit. Except Lydia because I had the first clip of the series with her. It doesn't has to be the real harsh stuff where you see the asshole of the model the whole time. You just have to see the model sitting there in a thong in different positions (with the tiny figurine between her ass cheeks), while she is teasing the shrunken one and enjoys the situation.

Keywords: stephie , stephanie anders , ass , fart , shrinking , hand held , pov , sound fx
Status: Available