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Name: Tiny Ass Fucker
Studio: Basic Clips
Price: $ 12.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:12:52
Size (MB): 2 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 4096 x 2160
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description:  I’m ur friend Michael (eventually can you call me a “tiny fucker” as my name as the video progresses) and u decided to shrink me (an inch or less) cuz u found out abt my giantess fetish? N reassure me that u would never actually hurt me cuz we’re “friends” (but u actually intend to hurt and end me but don’t tell me). And like “relax Michael ur fine” And just in a thong and bra all I would ask is for u to put the tiny between ur cheeks tucked away in the back of ur thong/butt crack (like I would see u put me there at the top point of ur ass crack and then I would get lower to the deepest point of her crack as the video progresses because she’s pushes me deeper with her finger). And make sure the camera it’s able to see ur ass so I can see the tiny go between your cheeks and everything haha. And can you sit in a chair and bounce up and down a lot in it and squeeze ur ass cheeks together with your hands? And just describing how it feels to have (me) back there and struggling and asking me how the smell is and how it’s sweaty and there’s no escape and even threatening to fart (and if she can that’s great, but if she can’t any worries) and how massive ur cheeks are compared to me and how deep and big ur ass crack is. And just give your ass cheeks A LOT OF good spreads and play w it w ur hands A LOT and make it jiggle with your hands. And bounce and shake ur ass a lot and tell me to jerk off between ur cheeks again if that’s okay? And the video would end with u giving me a cum countdown and squeezing ur cheeks really hard together with our hands and saying u can’t feel me moving anymore haha. She would sit in the chair just with the camera low so I can realy see ur ass hehe and just get some really good shots and the best shots of her ass and her looking back at me and using a lot of dialogue the whole time haha. And could u possibly say stuff like “my cheeks are massive compared to u, could u imagine if I just squeezed them together?” Or “yes please keep screaming and struggling, it’s turning me on” or “u better not stop jerking off, or I’m gonna end u right now” or “do u like it when I play with my cheeks little man” or “I’m gonna crush u if u don’t cum soon so hurry up”. And again the video would end with u standing up from the chair/table and giving me a cum countdown and squeezing ur cheeks really hard together with your hands and saying u can’t feel me moving anymore haha and being like “did end u?

Sahrye, ass, crush, handheld
Status: Available