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Name: Gassy Ascension Part 1
Studio: GiantessZone Movies
Price: $ 15.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:41:33
Size (MB): 5 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 4096 x 2160
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Sahrye, a witch, and very famous idol on social media has a magical growth app and uses it to get bigger and bigger.
Once giant, starts walking around saying that they have nothing to fear from her, that she will not do anything wrong and that she is trying her new toy (growth app), and being careful not to run over anything (but she is so big that she has no choice but to run over people and vehicles in her path because there are so many of them), and talking about how big she is as a giant and to her fans who recognize her in the city, then she starts talking about the fact that she is part of the upper class community (since she is a famous idol on social networks and comes from a rich family) and that the lower class community is a big topic of discussion for the world government because of the global overpopulation and that thanks to her magical growth application and this new size, she is going to be able to remedy that while thanking people for being these toys and sacrifices for the good cause and responding to people who are shocked by what she is about to do and that there is no point in buying it with money or begging for their lives and that they are all going to end, then she starts teasing people using her ass her feet and her breasts, talking about her nice breasts and her big ass, and saying that her ass has a lot of gas to release since she became a giant, and apologizing in advance if it's going to smell bad to them and that they shouldn't stick around if they don't want to choke. But she is so excited (sexually) by her giant size and her enthusiasm to have fun massacring the city and its inhabitants that she can't hold back any longer, she starts to have fun terrorizing the population and crushes with her feet or by putting them between her breasts, everything that is in her way (people, vehicles), and looks for them in the buildings, saying that we have to follow her on social networks if we want to have a chance to survive, (but finally, whether we follow her or not, she is going to crush the population and that hearing the screams of terror of the population excites her a lot (sexually)) and saying to scream even more while masturbating Then on her way she meets a group of terrified fans (about ten people), she takes off her heels to be more comfortable and gets on all fours and starts to play with them humiliating the ugliest, then she crushes some of them with her finger and her breasts then squats on the rest of the group of fans saying if you like so much my ass on my publications by jerking you on it, you will like my farts and this sweet smell, and farting on them and all happy of the damage she caused with her fart that she has just released! Then continues to play in the city by crushing (feet, buttocks, hands, breasts) the people who try to escape from her on foot or in the vehicles (cars, buses) that she crosses on her way, and looks for them in the buildings and by putting them in her string to jerk off and fart on them, and gets excited by rubbing herself on the buildings and also by rubbing her ass by farting on them, (while having fun and humiliating them and being excited by what she is doing, talking about how big she is going to be and what she is going to do when she becomes big again thanks to her growth application).

Then... She starts to be hungry and starts to eat a lot of human beings she sees around her, helping herself to buildings, vehicles, and passers-by who try to escape, taking care to sort out if they are to her taste or not (when they are not to her taste, they are ugly or they don't smell good, she burps on them, she throws them away or drops them on the ground, spits them out, etc...) and drops a few farts on the buildings. (while having fun and humiliating them, and being excited by what she does).

Then the army arrives and establishes a perimeter in front of the feet of the giant Sahrye. When she sees the army, she looks very happy to see them, holding her belly. because she has a very strong urge to fart.......... She turns around and crouches over the army (while the army is desperately trying to stop her), knowing what she is about to do! she says: - "I have a very strong urge to fart on you <3, if you don't want to end, you should run now! I give you 10 seconds! 1..., 2. ..., 3 . ...."

And when the 3 comes, she lets out a big fart that decimates the army saying: - "Oops! Sorry! I couldn't hold it in, it was too hard <3!".

But that wasn't enough, she still wants to fart... so she looks for a small building to sit in and fart. Once she finds the perfect building, she removes the roof and sits on it, saying that there's no point in running away from the building because she'll eat all the people who try to escape (the ones who escape will end up being eaten, before she fart). Then she lets out another big fart that chokes everyone in the building, then crushes the building with her ass. Then she starts destroying the city (ass, breasts, hands, feet), eating people (who mostly didn't manage to escape) and putting them in her thong to fart on them or masturbate with them (Populations, Vehicles) and rubbing her ass on some buildings while farting on them (all the while having fun and humiliating them, and getting turned on by what she's doing).
Status: Available