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Name: Giantess Loryelle’s Revenge Café (with Audio FX)
Studio: Giantess Crossing
Price: $ 19.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:20:00
Size (MB): 1 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 0x0
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Welcome to the Giantess Revenge Café

Want to have the secret lover of your boyfriend, your mean boss, your annoying neighbour or any other guy you hate, helplessly shrunken down at your feet? Insiders would recommend you a visit in the Giantess Revenge Café then, where all this magic can happen (as long as you can afford it).

Follow me on my visit, taking revenge on some people that annoy me for different reasons. I order the full menu and a few moments later, there they are down at my feet. The rich guy, who has pretended that he wants to marry me, along with his countryside villa, his expensive cars and his helicopter. My annoying neighbour, my prospective parents in law, who hated me, and the film crew, who made a bad job at work. They all have to smell my huge stinky feet first, until I take revenge on every single one of them.

I grab my annoying neighbour with my toes and let him drop into my stinky shoe, I’ve worn all day. Then I step on him several times until I vore him. What an end.

I use a film crew as toespreaders and let them lick in between my toes. I smother the camera man between my huge boobs until he falls down and get stepped on like the others.

My prospective mother in law gets stuffed in between my toering. That’s a good place for her.

I grab the expensive car with my ex-boyfriend in it, who obviously tried to escape and make some forced body exploration on my giantess’ body with him. I squish my female neighbour he has an affair with.

On the very end I finish off my ex-boyfriend, who tries to escape with his helicopter. None of his expensive toys is save from my huge, dirty and stinky giantess’ feet.

Barefoot squishes

This clip contains a lot of barefoot play with tiny figures and props. There are also some short vore scenes and several breast smother and a bit of body exploration included.

This is my first figure clip after a long while. If you don’t like special effects and enjoy my clip classics, such as Loryelle’s Teatime, Intruders on Giantess Mountain series, Loryelle’s Pink Slippers or any other production without visual special effects, then this clip is for you.
Status: Available