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Clip Details

Name: Foreplay Fee Fi Faux Pas
Studio: Fetishland Studios
Price: $ 16.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:17:34
Size (MB): 3 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Hannah Perez lays on bed perusing her phone, when POV enters. She talks about her day and realizes the camera barely pays attention. She starts to tease the viewer with sexual innuendos, which leads into JOI, pantomimins actions as she leads him in her instructions. Suddenly, she hiccups, her body jolting as she’s thrown upward. Her chest juts forward, but she doesn’t notice she’s getting larger at first. She continues JOI and hiccups again. This time her sleeves inch up her arms, her legs raise up, her blouse starts to pull taught across her chest and her shoes tighten, as she is confused. She looks around, trying to figure out why she feels so tight, but brushes it off and continues JOI. She hiccups and is thrown forward. A button of her blouse pops off, her chest bulging through the gap, stands up with camera and her shoes tighten. She’s now barely shorter than the camera. She hiccups and her heels snap, making her stumble, her pants tighten, making her struggle to move, and the top half of the buttons on her blouse pop. She panics and realizes she’s growing. She tries to squeeze back into the blouse, covering up with her cardigan. She hiccups, is sent up, growing the same height as the camera. A rip is heard, as her butt splits the seam in her pants. She gasps and panics, as she feels a hiccup building up. She tries to hold it back, groaning, holding her breath, as her eyes and nose crinkle. She suddenly yelps and hiccups, raising above the camera. Her blouse buttons fly off, her blouse falling to the ground, her cardigan turns into a very tight crop top, and her pant legs start to tear as she wobbles upwards. She panics and hiccups, growing a bit every couple of seconds. First her cardigan starts tearing, then her pants fly off, and then her chest is eye level with the camera. She pleads for help. Hannah hiccups, and her cardigan rips down her back, her boobs bulge over her bra. Hannah tries to hold her boobs back, as she shakes and moans from pleasure. She gasps for air and hiccups, her bra flies off and braces one arm against the ceiling as she covers her chest with the other arm. She hiccups and grows bigger and bigger, her head hitting the ceiling. She bends forward, and her panties snap off, then tries to cover herself. She hiccups and her shoulder’s press into the roof. She falls to her knees for room and feels a surge. She hiccups, and her foot plants against the door, pinning it shut. She hiccups and her head and neck press back into the roof. When her back hits the roof, she falls to all fours, struggling to fit. She hiccups again, crushing everyone and everything in the room. Eventually, she bursts through the roof, panicking. Finally, Hannah grows into the city.
Status: Available