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Name: The Shrunken Place 1 SFX - Tales from the ShrunkSide
Studio: Bratty Foot Girls
Price: $ 23.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:21:25
Size (MB): 1 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920x1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Welcome to the first of ou new Horror series 'Tales from the Shrunk Side!'!

In this massive SFX epic we have pushed our skill levels to new heights in this brand new SFX movie!

This clip is the last episode in a 48 episode long series 'Sucks to be you' and 'Holidays in hell' So it may seem a bit confusing to those who have never seen any of those videos. We also haven't released all the episodes preceding this one. As they are not Giantess/ Shrinking related we thought fuck it. We'll put it out anyways!

Back story:
5 years ago Jason was unscrupulously dumped by the love of his life - Katarina. She left him for a football player - Bobby. Not only did she leave him but she managed to trick him into going into a facebox and locking him in it for good. Then over the years she invited all her girlfriends over to torment him and foot gag him, turning him into a little foot bitch!

Things started to go awry after he had psychiatrist Sumiko visit him, making him think she was going to help him, but it only resulted in her putting him mentally into the Sunken place where he would never recover.

This also had one other effect, it unlocked a gate from hell, from which a Queen demon - Karly - escaped and planned on possessing 5 of Katarina's best friends - Kate, Naomi, Nika, Cleo and Indica using an ancient text book!

Slowly they let him in on their true forms. Naomi was throwing parties after winning the lotto and the girls just kept tormenting him over and over. Finally after culminating over 666 days, Karly has possessed the last girl - Cleo, and they are ready to send him down into their territory - The Sunken place, located in the 7th circle of Hell!

Where he will be shrunken down and crushed over and over and over again.... For all Eternity. Starting off in Hell then moved into Katarina's house, the illusion is his worst nightmare!

This is true Hell!
Status: Available