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Name: Cali Logan Growing Business
Studio: GiantessZone Movies
Price: $ 15.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:27:56
Size (MB): 2 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 2048 x 1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Scene 1

Cali tells the camera about how she has this ability to grow. She doesn’t know for sure how it happened but has a hunch that an ex-boyfriend was a scientist who did it. She’s unbothered by the ability, she thinks it’s pretty cool. She immediately wanted to find ways to monetize her ability. Her first gig was at a lecture for senior biology students in med school. (Have her begin the story while fading into the scene in a college classroom, her voice fading away as the new scene begins) Cali is in front of the classroom speaking at a podium. With an outfit similar to the one below with black heels.

She’s going over the rules, such as not taking photos (phones have been confiscated, but just in case), not bringing in unauthorized people, and not trying to climb her. She explains how she is going to grow for these students to study the human body up close, including looking into her vagina. She jokes about trying not to get lost while also pushing everyone to be mature about the situation. She then prepares for the growth by taking off her heels and putting them to the side. She then sits in the position below and begins growing. The growth should feel good to her as she increases in size with her clothes ripping off her body until she is “nude”. She should be a size that takes up the whole front of the room. She then tells the class to come take a closer look. The scene changes back to the interview where she reveals she was paid $2000 for that session.

Scene 2

Cali now speaks about a movie shoot she was on, where she played the role of a cheerleader who became cursed and grew into a giant. The movie is being shot at a football field.

Cali is sat around waiting before asking if the cameras are rolling. Once receiving confirmation, she grows (same position as scene 1), busting out of her clothes and shoes until she is almost “nude”. Once she finishes growing, she stands and the camera angle switches to right below her, as if from the perspective of someone on the ground looking up at her. Something is said that Cali can’t hear from her height, so she bends down to get a better listen, squatting down a bit and putting her forearms on her knees.

She then is frustrated with what she hears. “What do you mean I wasn’t supposed to be naked? What the fuck did you expect to happen after growing?” “This is ridiculous, what do you mean I’m not getting paid?” She then reaches down to the camera and picks it up. The camera changes to Cali holding a man by the collar of his shirt something like below

“I am getting all the money I was promised, do you understand? I can’t just do a retake, it takes me hours to shrink back down to normal size, so unless you want to cough up more money, this is all you got.” With a sarcastic smile, she says “Now have we reached an understanding?” while insinuating that she’ll drop him. After a pause for a response, she says “Great! Now find me a new outfit while I get back to normal”

The scene fades back into the interview, where she says she got $5000 and was only in the movies for 10 seconds. It was her first and last time on a movie set.

Scene 3

Cali now goes into another gig, this time for a groom’s bachelor party. This is a common event she is hired to do. An alternative to the usual strippers and lap dances, the new tradition is that after she grows, the groom enters her vagina and stays for the remainder of the party. She begins to speak about a specific part of a wealthy man. The scene starts with Cali in a purple bikini and the heels below

She’s putting on a show for the party like a normal stripper. She then asks the crowd if they are ready for the next part of the show since she’s not like the other strippers. She takes off her heels, gets into position, and grows like in scene 1. Her bikini flies off and is “nude” in the backyard. She asks the crowd if they’re happy. She then replies as if someone said to get bigger, something like “Get bigger? I’ve never gone bigger than this, it’ll cost you 10k extra”. As if someone replied that they’ll pay extra, she says something like “ok, fair enough” with some uncertainty but keeping the smile and show going. She grows again, this time in a much orgasmic way. She grows and grows until the camera changes to a low angle to show her growing bigger than the mansion, growing to a size where the mansion is thigh-level in front of her. She’s in shock and starts looking around, saying aloud stuff like “Omg, wow, this is crazy”, etc. Changing back to the interview, she reveals she got $20,000 for that party, and they converted the buttcheek prints left in the backyard into pools.

Scene 4

Cali reflects on that party and begins to explain how amazing it felt to be that big. She describes how her body felt, how powerful she felt, and how orgasmic it was. She wonders if she’s been limiting herself all this time and wonders how big she can get. She gets a malicious look on her face and removes her heels. She gets in position and grows (scene 1). Her clothes rip off. She bursts through the building the interview is in. She grows beyond the city until the city is small enough to step on. Still sitting with her legs spread, she outstretches her arms to look at herself with great admiration, talking about how awesome this is and how she really was holding back. She then gets in a position like below to get a closer look at the city, making comments on how small everything is. Zoom into her face to have a juxtaposition to the city, with her speaking on how insignificant everything is.

She then stands up with her hands on her hips, commenting on her size and reflecting on how much power she now has. She then looks down at the city, tells everyone to say goodbye as she’s on to take over the world. She then lifts her foot and demolishes the city (something like below, just in a large metropolis area instead of fields). “Time to become a goddess,” she says before she goes off to begin her tour of destruction and domination as the screen fades to black.
Status: Available