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Name: Ringsize 3 - Revenge
Studio: Bratty Foot Girls
Price: $ 19.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:29:01
Size (MB): 2 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: RINGSIZE 3 - Revenge
Starring: Ashlynn Taylor & Ama Rio
Rated R \ Runtime 29:05 mins
Written by: Mike
Shot & Edited by: Jason Ninja

Main Features: Magic, 3x barefoot Crushes, 1x barefoot unaware crush, 1x Vore, 1x Shrinking scene, 1x growth scene, 2x handheld scenes, POV & SFX parts, Music, Nudity, Shrunken Woman, Micro size, Doll size, Camera shakes, Booms, Slow Mo, Echoes, Sound FX.

The final episode of the trilogy starts where we left off. Ashlynn is so close to getting back to normal size as she rubs furiously on the ring. However, Ama wakes just in time to steal her thunder and snatches the ring away before Ashlynn can complete her wish. Ama now enraged let's Ashlynn in a little secret. She can absorb the power of the ring by wishing it on herself. As Ashlynn helplessly watches Ama complete her transformation into an all powerful being.

Not only can Ama now grow or shrink people, she also has the ability to bring back those she crushed earlier. Including her boyfriend Jason! At first it seems like a nice thing to do, but soon Ama laughs as she explains to Ashlynn that it will be even more fun the second time to crush the tinies! Ama stands up and starts stalking the tinies at her feet. Crushing them as she is consumed by more and more power with each crush.

Ashlynn can only watch and hope she can find an opening to get the ring back from her. What will Ama do to her? What will happen to Jason. This could be the end for them both...or maybe not?
Status: Available