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Name: Zoey Smokes and fucks her tiny Bitch boy
Studio: PovLand
Price: $ 10.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:15:07
Size (MB): 688 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920x1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: In the not-so-distant future, using an cellphone app, women can pay a lot of money to purchase men who have been shrunk 100s of times their size and do whatever they wish to them. Bitch has found himself in an empty room, scared of how large everything now seems to him and confused trying to understand how he got there and what is happening. He's about to find out he was hand-chosen by Zoey and she is on her way to claim her property.
For the entire video, the camera serves as Bitch's POV as he is currently on the floor.
He is all alone in the middle of the floor in an unknown room looking around at how towering everything is. Suddenly, the door opens and Bitch sees an enormous, incredible attractive woman enter the room. She is aware of him and closes the door behind her, never taking her eyes of him. Bitch is quite intimidated by her, not only because of her imposing size but the fact that she doesn't seem very surprised to see him makes him worry.
"Hello, little guy", Zoey greets him as she stands towering over him."What's the matter? Are you afraid, Bitch?", Zoey asks with a smile on her face. Now how would I know your name? Hmmm?", Zoey asks in a patronizing tone.
Bitch tries to run before Zoey uses her giant hand to grab him and picks him up and holds him in front of her huge sexy face.
Zoey tells him that she knows a lot about him, she knows he is 21, she knows he studies.... well, studied, Biology. She knows he has a strong aversion to smokers and that he has a passion for playing football and hopes to make the college football team in which Zoey coldly tells him that he won't.
Everything about him was presented to Zoey when she was bidding for him. Every. Little. Detail. Zoey tells Bitch that photos and every piece of information about him is all on a little app that he had no idea about. She has had her eye on him for a very long time, ever since she first saw him on the selection in her app. She is the type of girl who always gets what she wants and that is what happened, she got him. Zoey tells him that he belongs to her now.
"Still confused?", Zoey mockingly inquires.
Zoey proceeds to give him the perfect analogy. She asks Bitch has he ever had lobster before? Zoey proceeds to detail the process of selecting the best looking lobster when one is purchasing one and well, Bitch is her lobster, a very expensive one, but hers nonetheless.
Zoey seductive eyes size Bitch up, like a predator staring at prey. Zoey tells him to remove his pants. Zoey continues to seductively stare at him but when she notices he isn't removing his pants she releases a short outburst demanding him to take them off or she'll fucking rip them off. Zoey smiles as he proceeds to remove his pants and her eyes catch sight of his cock.
Zoey bites her lips as she tells him that his erection is permanent, a little extra she had to pay for. Zoey notices Bitch has plucked up the courage to talk, she can barely make out what he is saying but she could understand enough.
"Who am I?", Zoey asks.
"That's none of your fucking business", Zoey answers with a smile. Zoey enjoys the power of knowing everything about him, while he doesn't even know her name. She drops him on the floor and towers over him telling him not to move as she pins her enormous sneaker on him. Zoey has had a very stressful day and is going to use Bitch to take the edge off before telling Bitch "I'm going to fuck you, now". Zoey proceeds to remove her tank-top and takes her shorts off, stripping down into a sexy bra and panties. While staring at down Bitch, with a smile, Zoey takes her pack of smokes and lighter out of her bag and lights herself a cigarette.
"I hope you don't mind if I have a cigarette" Zoey smiles knowing Bitch has no option but to comply with her.
She eases herself down onto Bitch in a cowgirl position as she begins to gyrate and grind against Bitch, fucking him. Zoey doesn't break eye contact as she casually smokes her cigarette while fucking him. Zoey's enormous body towers over him as she looks down at him enjoying the feeling of every thrust and bounce of her huge body almost crushing Bitch. Zoey leans down and tells Bitch to relax, and to just breath before smiling and exhaling a cloud of smoke onto Bitch, choking him as she gets faster and faster. Zoey moans in pleasure as she details the feeling of power she has. Zoey cums, easing herself to a stop as she catches her breath while towering over Bitch, who is now in a crippled state. Zoey grabs him and picks him up in front of her huge face and assesses the damage.
"Awh, did I hurt you?" pretends to feel sorry for him."Do you think I give a fuck?", Zoey smiles before noting that she thinks his football days are over.
Zoey continues to casually smoke her cigarette as Bitch is close to her face and with no remorse, she purposefully puckers her lips blows her smoke in his face and smiles knowing he doesn't like that.
Zoey uses her app on her cellphone to reduce Bitch to the size of a small bug, she smiles as she details watching him shrink down in size in her hand. She can only imagine how scared he must be now.
While she finishes the last remaining drags of her smoke, Zoey details what she is going to do to him, because Bitch is being so resistant she has something special in mind. Zoey has decided to put him somewhere he will never be able to escape from her. Zoey bites her lip as she tells him that she is going to eat him, alive. He'll never be able to get away when he has merged into her body.
Zoey can see how scared Bitch now is and she loves it. She cruelly goes into great detail describing what is going to happen to him when he is placed between her lips, into her mouth and swallowed into her dark belly completely alive. He should know seeing as he is a Biology student but Zoey describes the process in incredible detail. He will become apart of her and will forever serve her body.
Zoey parts her sexy lips and is about to consume him before pausing and apologizing for being so inconsiderate, Zoey knows her mouth must absolutely stink of her cigarette, she has gum in her bag, but where is the fun in that Zoey smiles.  "Now get into my fucking mouth, boy.", Zoey coldly demands before she parts her lips and inserts him in.
Zoey devours him.
Status: Available