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Name: Sahrye Micro People Cleanup SFX
Studio: UnawareGtsZone
Price: $ 14.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:19:20
Size (MB): 3 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: I want a video with really tiny micro-sized people with aware and unaware crushes. All crushes are Special FX. Sahrye is cleaning her house but little does she know it has an infestation of micro-sized people. Throughout the video, she unknowingly crushes the micros but as soon as she discovers them she starts to have fun and gets more and more turned on as she crushes and teases them. The scenes I want are in the order below. An unaware shot of Sahrye on her knees with her ass high up while she cleans under the sofa. A crowd of micros gathers between her legs as they watch her clean. Her booty lowers down and crushes them all. An unaware shot of a micro standing by Sahrye's butt and thighs as she lays on her side. He's crushed under her high heels as she gets up off the floor. An unaware scene of a micro standing on or by a fan as Sahrye bends down to turn it on. The micro gets blown away and lands directly in between Sahrye's booty cheeks as she's bent over. Sahrye moans a slight "mmm" as he's shot in, she continues cleaning as if nothing happened. As she stands up he disappears completely. An unaware shot of Sahrye tripping as she cleans. Her booty lands on a group of unfortunate micros. A zoomed-in unaware shot of a micro dangling on a strand of her hair on her back. He loses his grip and falls all along her lower back till he slides into her thong and in between her cheeks. Sahrye jumps in surprise and amusement and tries to forget about it. She takes a seat as she gets more aroused. Sahrye takes a seat on a chair and unknowingly butt-crushes a micro. Another micro is standing in between her thighs and right in front of her crotch. He finds the situation irresistible and starts to rub his hands on her crotch. Sahrye starts to moan slightly and wonders what's gotten into her as she scoots forward and the micro is crushed under her crotch. She then spots a micro standing on her thigh. She's shocked as she picks him up and brings him up to her face. She looks around and begins to notice the micro infestation and looks down at her crotch which now has a tiny crushed. At first, she's mad as she crushes the micro between her fingers but then gets excited at the idea of having fun while she gets rid of them. She picks up 5 micro people and swallows 4 then one is stuck to her lips and he falls between her boobs getting crushed. A shot of her gathering some micros onto her hand and bringing them up to her face. Sahrye gathers 3 micros and lies down on her stomach. She makes them race to start from her bare feet to her neck. They run all along her legs till first place makes it to her booty. As he's halfway across her ass Sahrye nudges him with her finger and says "Oops", he screams as he falls into her crack never to be seen. She giggles and moans as she feels him struggling against her backdoor. The second place makes it to her ass and is crushed by her hand as Sahrye spanks her booty hard. The last one makes it all the way and he's rewarded by watching Sahrye take her bra off as he she lowers her boobs onto him and crushes him. A shot where Sahrye sits on a chair and traps a micro in between her thighs. She teases him with her crotch and humiliates his tiny size. She taunts him about how only a real man can handle her and tells him about her ex-boyfriend who was really hung. She compares the micro's size to her ex's manhood. Sahrye then stands and twerks over the micro till she's had enough of humiliating him and plops her booty hard on him multiple times until he's finally crushed.  She tries to look for more micros and spots one on the armrest of the sofa. She lowers her crotch onto the micro and dry humps him. The satisfaction only lasts for a while till Sahrye is left wanting more. She spots the last survivors and follows them. That's when she finds where all the micros have been living in. The survivors quickly run out of the building. Sahrye begins to laugh as she places her feet on each side of the building. She talks about how the micros have got her all hot and bothered and that it's a bad idea to leave a giantess unsatisfied. Here I want a shot of her feet on each side of the building as her thong drops down her legs and by her feet. Sahrye then kicks it aside and it lands on the floor. A micro is on top of the building and looks up at the camera as Sahrye's shadow gets darker as she lowers herself onto it. I want a shot of Sahrye's chest and up as she rides the tower and another shot in an apartment room with a fleshy background out the window. Sahrye's muffled moans can be heard in the distance. As Sahrye is nearing her orgasm the window begins to crack. 

15 people unaware crushed
4 people Aware vore in one shot
7 people are aware of crushed

Sahrye, crush, unaware, sfx, vore, booms, shakes
Status: Available